is chlorine water bad when germinating avocado seeds?

beto_borjasJuly 9, 2014

Hi everyone I havea couple of avocado seed that I am germinating. Some of them have popped open already and ive been changing the water recently and I can smell the water.... it has a good amount of chlorine. Will it affect the avocado seeds in any way?

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You can smell the chlorine from city water? Are they doing some kind of sanitizing flush? You may want to call them and or get a pool testing kit!

I use city water to root pineapple tops and never had an issue, but I also don't change the water often, I'd say every few days... besides after several hours a "normal" amount of chlorine should evaporate.

If you're worried you can always use some cheap grocery store bottled spring water.

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chlorine breaks down in sunlight. Just pop a bowl of your tap water outdoors for a day. Or if you have a lot of houseplants and a big concern, you can get a "water ager" product at aquarium shops that is used for fish bowl water changes.

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steiconi(12a-Big Island, HI)

I don't think most municipal systems use chlorine anymore; they use another chemical that doesn't break down in sunlight. I know it's a problem for fish, but never heard it was bad for plants. In fact, I often soak new cuttings in water with bleach and soap to sterilize them before potting.

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