Help- need info on growing mango trees in a patio container

marinfla(10 South Florida)July 18, 2010

I live in Zone 10 (Deerfield Bch, FL) I have a Carrie(2.5 yrs old and growing beautifully- no issues at all from the freeze this past winter) and a newly planted Keitt (about 3 ft high) growing in my yard along with an avocado tree. I've lived here 27 yrs and just LOVE mangoes. I don't know why I never did this sooner and now I am obsessed!! I just bought three 22" pots and plan to try container growing a few other varieties since I am in a great climate to try it. [My husband will kill me :( if I plant any more trees in the yard]. I plan to buy a Lancetilla for one of the pots and not sure which other varieties I should do. (I saw the following names: Bailey's Marvel, Cogshall, Glenn, Irwin & Southern Blush). I am unsure and humbly begging for variety suggestions and helpful container growing tips!! Thanks :)


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You may want to reconsider planting a Lancetilla in a pot they can be a pretty large tree. Some types that are better suited for a container are pickering, fairchild, and cogshall.

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marinfla(10 South Florida)

Thanks. I will have to take some time and read more about it. The area I was planning to put the potted Lancetilla is a wide open uncovered patio with lots of space. Is it more of a space concern or will it be to large to grow suitably in a pot? Any important tips for success before I get started? Thanks again.

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Bailey's Marvel and Irwin can get absolutely huge. Bailey's Marvel is the better tasting mango imo. Not sure on Southern Blush as the only tree I have seen was a small one at the Fruit and Spice Park in Homestead. could be a low growth tree though. They taste good.

Glenn trees can be kept fairly small even though its not technically a dwarf, and Cogshall can definitely be grown in a pot. I've never tasted Cogshall but I do like Glenn. Glenn can taste watery though if the soil is very wet.

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Any tree will stay small in a pot, but, to me, it makes sense to get a tree that does not get big. There are several varieties of mango that stay small (8-10ft). I recently purchased a Carrie and Mallika for pot growing. You can see more descriptions at Pine Island Nursery's web site. They don't have all varieties, but do have quality trees.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pine Island

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I had room (not really) for one variety of mango. Based on fruit appearance/color, production, dwarf status and word of mouth, I chose 'Cogshall'--but sure other dwarfs and semi-dwarfs will be equally satisfying. Good luck!

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I would check out the pine island link MGK65 linked as their mango variety viewer does a decent job labelling 'dooryard' or 'condo' mangos. I also suggest that you do some research into proper pruning for container mangos as this can make your life easier AND give you more fruit.

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the smallest varieties in order from what i witnessed from smallest to largest

ice cream

they top out around 8 foot,

nam doc mai

10 - 12 feet

these will all be pretty happy in a 25 gallon container with well draining soil and occasional liquid fertilizer like fish emulsion. the larger varieties would need some annual pruning

the Lancetilla grows larger than dwarf, probably around the same size as Carrie.

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