How to prune pitaya?

newgen(9 Central California)July 1, 2011

Mine are growing too wild. I'm not sure what/where to cut. Any ideas? Thanks,

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Dragonfruit, like most cacti, are survivors. They'll handle pruning at any point of the segments.

Which varieties do you have?

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newgen(9 Central California)

These are all Vietnamese white, I have some Physical Grafitti and a yellow kind, but those are still pretty small. Is there any difference in fruit production whether I cut at the node or in the middle of a segment? Alternatively, do you think I can just leave them like that, provided that the support is strong enough, without any negative effect on fruiting? I read somewhere that you need to prune them back to stimulate flower/fruit production, not sure if that's true.


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Wow, they've grown, I need to stop by your place next time. I've read they fruit on the horizontal or hanging segments, other than that, just prune so you can get near the flowers to pollinate them. They sure do like all your sun, after you prune them, accidentally toss them over your fence and see if they will take over the spot next to you.


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If you cut it back I have been trying to get a cutting for a long time and haven't found a plant anywhere. would you be willing to share a piece? Connie

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