Second Time Around! Incredible Heirlooms July Swap!

bonechickchris(7A/6B NJ 08731)June 5, 2009

Hi everyone!

This month's Incredible Heirloom's Swap is Second Time Around! This swap would be for items you can get a second crop of within the same year!

Examples would be: peas, lettuce, summer squash, kohlrabi, radishes, beans, chard, spinach, kale, chicory, leafy veggies, certain herbs, etc.

This is perfect timing for this swap since we will be getting ready to sow seeds for fall harvests in the next couple of months! Already?!?!? I know, I can't believe how time flys!

Please give your partner the equivilant of 5-6 full pack of seeds. More can be sent, if you and your partner agree to do so.

Sign Ups will be until June 17th. Please have your seeds sent out by the 4th of July. That should give everyone plenty of time inbetween to talk to their partner, get seeds together, to take time to place a seed order if need be, etc.

Also as a side note, I am hosting the Incredible Edibles(our sister group), swap for July, Weird Odd and Unusual Swap. If you do decide to join both swaps, I will give you the same partners for BOTH this swap and that swap, so you will only have to send to one person, and save on shipping costs,while still being able to participate in 2 swaps. Again, this is for people interested in both swaps, you DO NOT have to join that swap to be in this one!

Any questions, feel free to ask!!!!

After taking our short break last month, it will be nice to get back involved in some swapping! And what a great way to get seeds for the up coming season!


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Whoo Hoo! I'm in! Yes, Christy, no lurking this go around!

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bonechickchris(7A/6B NJ 08731)

Got ya Becky! I know this was one of your swap Ideas Becky, so if you have anything to share, please do!

IN so far:


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You have a good list up there Christy. I've been looking at Asian greens and a lot of them can grow in 30-50 days. I planted out Komatsuna (a great spinach substitute) in April and it's already going to seed!

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Crops that overwinter, like garlic, would be good too. Also perennials like Egyptian onions.

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bonechickchris(7A/6B NJ 08731)

Thanks Becky!

There are a bunch of beans that I did not have room for in the spring that I cannot wait to plant for fall!

Anyone lurking out there????

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Hi Christy and Becky!

I wanted to stop by, so you guys wouldn't think I fell off the face of the earth, LOL! I'll probably sit this month's swaps out, except I think I'm next for hosting the color of the month swap. Not sure about that, I'll have to try to find that thread. Anyway, this month is crazy busy. One son is in baseball, another is in T-ball, our church is helping to put on a local music festival, and both my husband and I are performing, plus my daughter's 3rd birthday, and our 22nd anniversary are all this month, and I have family coming in for a visit ... and then there's also vacation bible school. Sigh ... I'm tired just thinking about it all, LOL.

I'm hoping to join in next month though!


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bonechickchris(7A/6B NJ 08731)

It is great that you are busy Bonnie! Never give up a music gig! Especially if you love music! I get busy playing gigs in the summer too.

Actually, you are next in line for the color swap with the color yellow I believe. You can email me if you want. The color swaps have been posting around the 15th of each month, just after the previous swap send-in deadline.

My son is 3 right now, turning 4 August 31st. On his 3rd birthday, it seemed to be the first birthday that he actually knew what was going on, and really enjoyed it. Just wait, I bet your daughter will be asking for a birthday present every day after it! LOL!


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southerncharm1(Orlando, FL Z9)

I think I'm gonna have to sit out this month. Hopefully I can join you all again next month. Enjoy!!! :)

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Christy, I "advertised" this on a couple forums.

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bonechickchris(7A/6B NJ 08731)

Thanks BEcky! Worse comes to worse, me and you will have and awesome swap together with each other! LOL!

Update, officially, this swap's send out date will now be the 10th of July***********

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Cool Beans!

I just wanted to give my swap partners a big THANKS! I hope the "regulars" are at least lurking. Thanks to my swap partners, I'm growing:

Rattlesnake Pole beans (new this year)
Purple Podded Pole beans (new this year)
Parthenon Zucchini (new this year)
Zephyr Squash (loved it last year, glad I got more seeds in a swap)
Black Eel squash (new this year)
Biancho Di Trieste squash (new this year)
Dragon Tongue beans (new this year)
Jade Beans (new this year)
Sequioa Purple beans (new this year)
Sweet Romanian Peppers (new this year)
Corno Di Torro Rosso Peppers (new this year)
Golden Macaroni Peppers (new this year)
Red Macaroni Peppers (new this year)
Sheepnose Pimento Peppers (new this year)
Super Shepherd Peppers (new this year)
Kalocsai M Peppers (new this year)
Kalocsai-V2 Peppers (loved last year)
Jaloro Peppers (new this year)
Guajillo (new this year)
Onja Raja (new this year)
Raja Jawala (new this year)
There's a few habaneros too. I have to pot those up!
Lakota Squash (new this year)
Pulla Peppers (loved last year)
There's three other peppers I'm growing that I got from Christy too!
Cherokee Purple Tomato (trying again after a few year hiatus)
Paul Robeson Tomato (new this year)
Azoychka Tomato (new this year)
Brown Berry Tomato (new this year)
Carbon Tomatoes (new this year)
Blondkopfchen Tomato (new this year)
Tommy Toe Tomato (new this year)
Ukrainian Pear Tomato (new this year)
Tim's Black Ruffle (new this year)
Andes Horn (new this year)
Green Zebra Tomato (new this year)
JD Special C-Tex (new this year)

Yeah, there's still more!
Purple artichokes (new this year)
Pink Flamingo Chard (new this year)
Oriole Orange Chard (new this year, It's coming up yellow though)
Purple of Sicily Cauliflower (new this year)
Black Palm Tree Kale (new this year)
a couple different kinds of broccoli (new this year)
Tromboncino Squash (new this year)
Chinese Yellow Cucumbers (new this year)
Hmong Red Cucumbers (new this year)

Whew! That's the vast majority! I may have left out a few things. If it all grows, it'll be a jungle by July. :)


So what is everyone growing that they got from Round Robins / Swaps? I'm still thinking about expanding the garden so I can fit more in. ROFL! Is it bad that I'm aready thinking about NEXT year. I just have received so many great seeds, I can't help myself!

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southerncharm1(Orlando, FL Z9)

Wow Becky! Sounds like a wonderful array of edibles. Those Sequoia beans are so delicious! My new favorite bean so far. Unfortunately that Tropical depression killed everything here. Luckily though, I was able to freeze a lot of squash zucchini and beans before hand. :) lol I'll have to try again in a few months. :)

Nah, thinking about next year is good. lol You know the plans change every time you get something new awesome and exciting anyway! hehehe Best to think as far ahead as possible when there are soooooo many yummy options to grow and eat of course. :)

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dirtdiggin(8b NW WA)

Well if this one's send date is also the 10th count me in. :)


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bonechickchris(7A/6B NJ 08731)

What a great list Becky! You will have to share some Hmong Cukes with me! LOL! I am happy that all is going well for you so far in the garden!

I know what it is like Kathy, to lose your garden. last year, I lost my whole spring crop to geese off of the lake I live on. This year, during my allergy spazz outs, I forgot my flats outside, and all of my tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers got sun burned! So, they are so behind, if they even survive. I am so bummed. Especially with all of the extra planning I gave to my planting this year.

Welcome Toni! I am glad you are with us!


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so sorry about your tomatoes, peppers and eggplants. It's so disheartening. I hope they catch up.

I found 2 baby bunnies in my strawberry patch yesterday!!!!! The doggies did chase them, but the one dog that caught one didn't know what to do with it. So she put it back down again and it snuck out the fence! So I'm going to be making some improvements to the fence this weekend. I swear my dogs have the instincts of a Barbie doll!!

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dirtdiggin(8b NW WA)

Well my list of tomatoes I'm growing is way too long to post all of them. I just hope I can get them all in the ground soon lol. My greenhouse is a jungle. And with the help of Christy and many other traders, I have a wonderful list of squash, beans and other things as well, that I'm working on getting in the ground too. So far, I have 10 beautiful hills of summer squash going. My tromboncino has little trombones on it YEAH!!! And I have Lungo Fiorentino zucchini which has little zukes on them. As well as grey zucchini, black beauty zucchini, white and golden scalloped squash and straitneck. The winter squash is awaiting the completion of the tomatoes cause they go on the south side of those. GOOD GRIEF I'll be planting til fall lol. So far, in the garden, I have these tomatoes...

Enormous Plum
Black Crimson
Goose Creek
Black Krim
Black From Tula
Long Tom
Brown Berry
Black Seaman
Gyptsy T Black
Scatolone 2
Black Brandywine
Silvery Fir
Amazon Chocolate
Cherokee Chocolate
Cherokee Purple

Now to get all the others in lol. But we have some cooler weather for the next few days so it will be good for them to be planted now. I always worry when they get limp after transplanting on a warm day. But they're coming along. Even the little extra pieces I put in on the ground (on those I have only one plant of) are rooting and taking off. It's a great way to get additional plants from just one. They have to be broken off anyway to get the stem in the ground, so it works out beautifully.

I'm going to test a few plants in the greenhouse over the winter. They are tender perennials, so we shall see what happens. We'll put in a heater that will come on when it gets too cold and a light to go on for a few extra hours at dusk. I just can't stand store bought tomatoes...and I usually just go without until the new crop comes on lol. I'm not spoiled on them at all lol.

Our golden has been keeping the deer away from the garden, bless his heart. We'll be fencing all around it, but until it's all planted, it's tough to fence. The ones I can't keep out are those little blasted masked bandits! GRRRRR they are such pests. Last year, they pulled up my plant markers. Luckily I mapped out all my plants, so I was able to match them all up. They did it right after I fertilize with the fish emulsion, so they dig to find where the fish smell is coming from.


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Toni, That's great tomato list. Some of those I've never heard of. I'll be interested in how they do for you.

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bonechickchris(7A/6B NJ 08731)

Wow! What lists you guys!!!!

Do you guys mind if I extend the sign up date a few days past the 17th? I was hoping a few more would sign up!

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That's fine with me, Christy. I just planted a second round of Kamatsuna (also received in a swap). My first round already went to seed! I just planted arugula too (I think that was from Kathy) and Bok Choy, which I received in a swap.

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bonechickchris(7A/6B NJ 08731)

Hi guys! Well, I was leaving it open hoping that someone else would join. I will be away for the weekend, so I guess I will see if someone signs up during then. If noone else does, I will make Becky and Toni partners, and you can also be partners for the Odd Swap. ANd I guess I will have to bow out unless someone else signs up.
So consider yourselves (Becky and Toni) partners for sure for both swaps. I won't start a new thread since this one is no where near filled up. So just keep posting everything here!
I am playing In Princeton this weekend, but they got us in a nice hotel, so I should have internet access at some point or another!

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Bump! With all the crazy weather, I've had to replant some things. My poor bush beans have either sat in the ground because of no rain & critters got to them or they drowned in all the rain. There's no in-between here! I still have to replant a few summer squashes. The critters/slugs/snails got all of my tromboncino squash seedlings too :(

For the first time I'm considering a fall crop of broccoli, maybe cauliflower. Do I start them now? I'm also going to start fall peas. I missed putting them in this spring. I don't think I have to start those for a few weeks though.

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dirtdiggin(8b NW WA)

I'm so sorry about the rain problems. Been reading up on posts about abnormal rains all over the US. That's usually our problem. People in WA don't tan, they rust..the reason we are the Evergreen state..but we've had some really amazing weather for June and July is starting out absolutely beautiful. Our mountains are looking bare and that doesn't usually happen until August or September. You guys must have sent the sun our way and we sent the rain yours.

Well I'm awaiting a few seed packages to arrive, so as soon as they get here, I'll be sending your package Becky. Hoping they don't take forever to get here. Waiting for packages in the mail is the WORST lol. I'm too impatient for it. You know they are on the way...but not quite sure where they are...or when they'll arrive grrrrr lol.


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Infamous One Liner for the Northeast:

I'm wondering if I can grow kelp as a fall crop!

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sunnyk(Z6 SW Coastal CT)

Grow Kelp....ROTFLMBO!

You know it's not really a bad idea ....a week ago, when the rain broke for a bit, I had my son wash the winter sand and crud off of my car for me, and while he was washing it he goes - "you know Ma, you have algae growing on the bottom of your bumper" lie, it was turning green from with algae.

I am so stoked that there has been some sun this week....not a lot of it, but maybe enough of it so I dont need a catfish to keep my car clean!!

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Hi Toni! Your package is in Washington. It shouldn't be long now.

As for me, I spent this morning transplanting infant broccoli & cauliflower seedlings. I'm hoping a fall crop of these will be more successful than the spring planting. I also started some lettuces, Swiss chard & summer squashes. I'll be up in the garden planting bush beans this afternoon.

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dirtdiggin(8b NW WA)

YAY!!! I'm excited lol - I'll be mailing yours tomorrow. Hoping my last package comes in tomorrow, but if not, I'll just slip those little packages in another envie and drop them in the mail when they arrive. I can't wait to get your package on its way lol.


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dirtdiggin(8b NW WA)

Becky sent me the most amazing package. Stuffed full of goodies both crafty like and planting types!

I received this adorable hand made hand bag/purse. The colors are wonderful in periwinkle, pinks and purples and it looks like the yarns used in it are also hand dyed. And tucked very nicely inside were an adorable pin made from Amber colored Austrian crystals, in the shape of a golden colored doggie. It's so cute! And a bag of Viennese Vanilla coffee YUM!!!! I'm a coffee nut, so this will be wonderful! And to top that all off, she made sure I am able to make notes with some really cute pencils that match the coloring of the purse.

For seeds she sent,

Black Valentine Bush bean
Fordhook-Swiss Chard
Laton's Progress Peas
Gourmet Blend Radish
Prizehead Lettuce
Four Season's lettuce
Freckles Lettuce
Green Goliath Broccoli
Orach Red Greens
Wrinkled Crinkled Cress
Cucumber Green Dragon Burpless
Wisconsin SMR #58 Cucumber
Parisian Pickling Cucumber

Thank you SO much! We're going to enjoy all of these things SO much! It's pretty kewl that these are all short season crops so I can test most of them out before Fall! Yay!

Thanks again and I'll email you the DC on your package shortly.


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So I worked a long day today! If you read my weird post you'll learn a little more about my day. It started with a doctor's appointment. So far there seems to be no bumps in the road for my leg to heal.

Any way, I came home from my long day and found a package on the front porch! Toni gave me some great treats! I've already made a dent in them. She also gave me some cute candles.

I'm going to need to make some planting time this weekend!
Here's the seeds:

Arikara Yellow Bush Beans (on my wish list)
Kentucky Wonder Wax Pole Beans (on my wish list)
McCaslan 42 Pole Beans (on my wish list)
Odessa Summer squash (on my wish list)
Asian Red Lettuce
Flame Lettuce
Speckled Lettuce
Dark Lollo Rossa
Oregon Sugar Peas

The lettuces are great. I have on my wish list any red or speckled lettuces!

Thanks so much Toni for the fun package and a great swap!

    Bookmark   July 16, 2009 at 7:58PM
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