My hummers are back!

party_music50May 12, 2013

OMG, I saw my first hummer heading to a feeder last evening and have seen several today. Unfortunately, they aren't used to me being around and I keep scaring them away from the feeders -- although there are plenty of garden flowers for them to feed on too. I can't believe they came back when it's SO COLD!!! I'm really worried for them for tonight and the next several nights. :(

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eclecticcottage(6b wny)

I think ours are too. I heard the buzzing on Friday, but I didn't see him/her. There was an Oriole on the quince yesterday too.

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I haven't seen any my way yet (Central NY), but the feeders are out.

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Had one nearly take my head off yesterday while working in garden. He stopped to take a look at my flowers!!! Yippy!!!!

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Heard my first one chittering away yesterday, but haven't seen any on the feeders yet. I have had a couple of feeders out for about a week, but put out the rest of them today.

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It finally got warm here again today and they're back in full force! I was repotting plants outdoors and they were chirping like crazy in the trees, zooming around the yard, and buzzing very close by my head (checking me out :) -- I also watched a couple of males chasing each other at the feeders.

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DH saw the first hummer this morning. I knew they had to be around. I had to replenish the feeders 2 days after they had been filled.

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