Central CA update 7/30

red_sea_meJuly 30, 2011

here is a quick update for you guys,

curry leaf

epiphyllum fruit

yellow muntingia

buzz buttons

Valencia pride


Thompson seedless grapes

Black pearl wax jambu

Mexican cream guava

biew kiew longan

1/3 of my Maritus lychee harvest

strawberry guava

Vernon white sapote

GA866 jujube

1 of 2 pineapples blooming

hope you enjoyed,


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zands(10b Fl)

What's not to like? Curry tree is happening. Unhand those Valencias! Curb your enthusiasm.


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marinfla(10 South Florida)

Great pics, Nice to see pics of all the cool stuff I don't have room for. They all look great. It's interesting to see how curry starts out, I LOVE cooking with curry and I have never seen it except for ground up in a bag or jar!
Great job. Thanks for taking the time to post your pictures.

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Hey Ethan, your plants all look super healthy. You have any zoomed out shots of your lychee, longan and VP mango? Looks like you will get a nice harvest from your Biew Kiew Longan.

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zands(10b Fl)

Most of the South Indian backyards are adorned with a curry leaf tree since the curry leaves happen to be vital to the local cooking. There is absolutely no substitute to these highly aromatic leaves and no other ingredient in any kitchen can impart that much flavor to a dish and make it extra special.
The leaves are appetizing and said to have digestive properties. These flavorful, fragrant leaves are combined with spices and dals to prepare this delicious karivepaku podi. Elders in our household believe that a meal started with karivepaku podi - rice combo is good for minor stomach ailments, especially in the case of little kids.

Read more: http://veggieplatter.blogspot.com/2010/06/spicy-curry-leaves-powder-karivepaku.html#ixzz1TgM1ufsC


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Wow, what great looking stuff you have !

I love that curry leaf you are growing! BTW, how big is that tree?.....and of course, I also love the mangos,longans, litchis, grapes etc. Are the mangos in containers or on the ground? Everything looks spectacular keep up the great work and keep us updated....thanks for sharing.


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Whoo-Valencia pride(Ethans pride!) looks like the world's biggest Manila fruit.
In your heat Guava must sweeten up just fine. Not sure if they will in the bay area.
Watch for scale on the Curry-a magnet for them and aphids.
I have a second summer pineapple by a large sunny window-16" leaves and all. Last week I put an apple in the crown..we will see.

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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

Ethan - that Valencia looks healthy, as does everything in your yard......

nice work....mangodog

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Thank you all for you kind words, still a ways to go 'til the fruits are ripe so Im not home free quite yet.

Thank you Zands and thanks for the link, it is always nice to find recipes.

Thanks Marin, quite a few of my plants (too many) are being grown in pots, including the curry leaf. BTW, it is not what you buy in the store as curry, curries are blends of spices, in the case of Madras curry it contains tumeric to give it that beautiful yellow color. There are also red, green and black curries. The curry leaves have a wonderful smokey smell and is a key ingredient in some samosas. Plus the flowers are very fragrant up close.

Thank you Simon, I took a pic this past spring of my VP mango with the back of the GH still in place. I'll try to find it because the contrast shows the tree, there is so much green around it now that it would not show up. The longan and lychee are only 4' & 5' tall and this is there first crop, I expect many of the longan to drop.

Thanks JF, I have a couple curry leaf plants, this one is in a 5 gal pot, only about 3.5' tall. It was started as a sucker from the mother plant. The Lancetilla is in a 15gal and will get pugged and repotted after the fruit ripens. The VP is in the ground and espaliered. It has about 3 fruit hanging on it right now.

Thanks Stan, I hope the mangoes taste as pretty as they look. The curry leaf is pest free for me, except for *%#@% ants. Heat is the one thing we have an abundance of, so nice sweet guavas for sure. I should have taken a pic of my spondias for you, I had a watering "issue" and it dropped it's fruits. Since then, it has been repotted, gone through a growth spurt, bloomed/set fruit and is blooming again. Good luck w/the pina.

Thanks MD, one of the few people that has more heat than me. Maybe I can get into your and JF's race for the first ripe mango? :)


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newgen(9 Central California)

Great photos Ethan! I'll reserve a few of the Mexican cream guava and the Muntigia. 8-))

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Thanks Newgen,
I should have plenty of guavas including fruits from varieties fruiting for the first time. I need to get some more muntingia plants started, then you can have your own (your still welcome to fruit).


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newgen(9 Central California)

Ethan, thanks for the offer, I'll take one off your hands when you think the size is right. Anyways, I just bought a bunch of seeds, including M. calabura. As is usually the case, I probably bought more than what my wife wants (she says I'm in the yard way too much).

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Hi Ethan
Love your mangos and grapes.
How would you rate GA866 compare to the common Li? taste/produciton wise.

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Thank you David, this will be my first year harvesting GA866 so I'll have to let you know. The GA866 fruit is bigger than Li thats all I can tell so far.

Here you go Simon, this was a pic from this past spring of my espalier VP mango, it doesn't look so scraggly now. The back and sides of the GH are still in place for contrast.


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hmhausman(FL 10B)

Lots of really nicely grown stuff. Thanks for the update! How are your PR seedlings doing?


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murahilin(10 fl)

Nice pics. Does that yellow muntingia taste any better than the regular one?

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Thanks Harry, surprisingly my PR seedlings are doing pretty well, even the marang and mangosteens. My rambutans and pulasans, including a couple of Juan's seedlings, are all in 5 gal., other garcinias, herrania, etc are in 3gal. I'm sure I'll have fruit in no time (at least in my dreams).

Thanks Sheehan, I actually like the taste of red muntingia. To me the insides taste just like cotton candy and the skin eaten by it's self reminds me of popcorn flavored jelly bellies. This will be the first fruits on my yellow muntingia, I've tried 2 day old and off season yellow fruits but as expected, not so good.


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that's a great looking VP Ethan! and the way they are sizing up they should be ready by Sept. keep us posted on their progress.


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Thanks JF,
if it works out my mango harvest will be 3 VP and one monster lancetilla. Better than last years 1 mango, next year I'm shooting for 10.


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Hey Ethan,

Wassup my Cali Brother. Everything looks great, your mangos are awesome! You have exactly 2 more lychees this year than me. How are your Longans coming along? I love Longans, almost as much as Lychees. Hey, am I supposed to send you anything?


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Great update Ethan, everything looking healthy! BTW, how are the Acai seeds doing?

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Noticed the first little sprout today on the dwarf acai, thanks again for the seeds.

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