WANTED: wtb: fast growing shade trees in houston, tx area

n9shiftSeptember 16, 2006


I dont have anything to trade as I just moved to Houston from MN and looking for some fast growing shade trees for my house:

Please let me know if you have the follow trees to sell or please point me to where I can buy them. Thanks much. My email address is n9shift@yahoo.com

Cherry Laurel

Chinese Elm

Chinese Fringe

Golden Raintree or Chinese Flame??


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I got 2 Golden Rain trees from the Arbor Day Society about 8 or 10 years ago, & I have a *bunch* of seedlings.

It's still a little hot to transplant them, but I'll be happy to dig some up in early October & send them to you for postage if you still want them then.

They're very pretty trees, they have panacles of sunny yellow flowers in spring, followed by bunches of sort of translucent yellow seed pods that look a little like peppers!

just let me know.

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Wow, that is really really nice of you. I would be very happy to take them. Please let me know how can I return the favor. Please let me know your email so I can communicate with you directly through email. Thanks again.


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By the way, according to this forum here, these golden rain trees can attract boxselder bugs. Do you experience these at all:

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