HAVE: 2013 Denton County Fall Plant Swap

melvalenaSeptember 20, 2013

Fall is the best time to divide many perennials.. and doing it in early fall allows them time to get settled into their new home before that first hard freeze.

So Sorry for the short notice this time. We had a small issue getting the ok to use the club house, but its all set now!

Sunday Oct 6, 2013 2pm - 4-pm

Indian Creek Clubhouse
1689 Bandera Drive
Carrollton 75010
Cross streets are Hebron Parkway and Hunt Drive.

Restroom & full kitchen inside the building.

Swapping happens in the parking lot. Eating happens inside the building.

Bring a snack to share and what ever you want to drink. We'll provide the paper goods and silverware.

If you want to be in on the "door prize" drawing bring a garden related thing (not a plant) and put a gift tag on it with your own name. We'll use the gift tags to draw names.

If this is your very first plant swap or you are a new gardener, you don't have to bring any plants. But are encouraged to bring items you can trade with. (Candy, pots,
soaps, lotions anything you are willing to trade for plants)

Please be sure to tell everyone that this is your first swap or that you are a newbie to gardening and you will see how nice everyone is and how they make you feel right at home.

The basics of a plant swap:

Bring plants divided from your garden beds, potted up and labeled.
Bring cuttings, labeled of course.
Plants are the stars, but get creative about what else you'd like to swap, such as garden art and sculpture, books, seed packets, extra tools, garden hats, cute pots. Bring your tips, too.

Each person will want to know what they are getting. By they time they get home many have forgotten what the name of the plant is, so please label each item.

Some people note any tips that might help the plant's new owner be successful enough to divide the plant again in a few years. Some traders/swappers print out care sheets for each plant to hand to the new owner. But if you have labeled properly, the new owner can find info about the plant easily on line.

A potted plant has roots. A cutting does not. A cutting stuck in a pot of dirt is not a potted plant. Please do not try to pass one off as such.

When swappers receive plants they always put them away from those they are trading away. You might want to bring a sheet or something to lay over the plants you plan to take home.
Please DO NOT take anything without asking.

It is good etiquette to ASK if it is OK to take a certain plant.
Sometimes swappers have done "pre-trades" on the internet with other gardeners and they are saving those plants to give to them. Pre Trades should be well marked and set aside but in the chaos of getting to the swap and setting up, some things just don't get done. Always ask.

There will be a designated area for free plants for the taking. These will be extra plants that swappers may bring to give away and no trade is expected.

When marking your plants, you can use permanent ink on Popsicle sticks, cut pieces of old blinds, plastic knives, forks or spoons and anything else you can be creative with! Printed labels are fine too.

What if it rains?
WE WILL BE THERE RAIN OR SHINE! We are die-hard gardeners and the swap will go down regardless!

What is a pre-trade? How do I pre-trade with other gardeners before the plant swap?

A pre-trade is a plant trade made with other gardeners online who are going to the scheduled plant swap. Gardeners are looking for certain plants to swap with other gardeners and agree ahead of time that they will bring those plants to the plant swap for each other.

Does the plant swap cost any money to attend?
No money is exchanged for anything.

You can post trades here in this thread.

Come check us out on our Meet Up Group, link down below.

Let the swapping begin!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Denton County Gardening Meet Up Group

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Ohh thank you Gail. . I am excited

I have orange mint , sweet mint, Greek columnar basil, different purple basil , African blue basil,cestrum nocturnum for trade. I also have limited quantity of these seeds
Pulla pepper
Arbol pepper
Orange manzano
Orange habanero
Purple bell pepper
Carlifornia wonder
Upside down pepper
Sweet mint
Summer squash pic-n-pic hybrid
Dragon tongue beans
Organic Ireland creek Annie beans
Petite mix color marigold
Clementine red
Wild flower mix
Poppy mixed
French marigold
Marigold draft yellow
Moon Vine
Zinnia grand champion pink
Sasha daisy
Purple coneflower
Cosmos sensation mix
Gloriosa daisy
Aster purple
Morning glory mix
Hibiscus confederate pink
Blanket flower
Pink holly hock
Rose of Sharon
Summer carnival hollyhock
Heirloom chater double hollyhock
Red and white hollyhock

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Gretchen Wood

If anyone has Confederate rose cutting or Shasta daisy seeds I would like some. For trade I have purple coneflower seeds that I know I have. Will start some rooting of butterfly bush and whatever else I can figure out.

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I am interested in Gardenia, cutrus and jasmine cuttings

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dcarpenter(z7 DFW/TX)

Hi Remy,
I am interested in your African Blue Basil. I don't have any of your wants. Are you interested in anything else?



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Gretchen Wood

My list:
Irises (not purple) all other colors
Lemon Balm rootings
Seeds from Bald Cypress
Strawberry plants are spoken for * they are for Shari that lives in Denton*
This is the start of the small list.

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PKponder TX(7b)

I wish this weren't too far for me to drive! It sounds like a fun swap!

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Dcarpenter I will bring you African blue basil. I bought it from calloways. Tags says it is African blue , however it is not blue at all. I am interested in lemon basil and lemon balm seed and aloe Vera . Do you have curry leaf plant?

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I have this cactus plant for trade,also I have 5 African violets

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Gretchen Wood

Here is my have s
Columbine -yellow flowers

Japanese iris (long rhizomes) *purple & yellow tiny white*
Mixed irises *no purple*
I took these up and you will get the surprise when they bloom!
Seeds: coneflower (pinkish)
Bald cypress seeds

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dcarpenter(z7 DFW/TX)


I don't have the lemon basil anymore. I can bring you starts of lemon balm. I also can bring you aloe vera. I do not have a curry plant.



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Based on minimum time; I'll probably only be able to dig what is requested

Yellow Cannas that I grew from seeds
Red Cannas
Bird of Paradise seedlings (yellow with red stamens)
Rock rose seedlings (pavonia lasiopetala)
Fall Obedient plant
water lilies (1 purple, 1 miniature orange)
root beer plant
Century plant
pink locust tree
black currant

pink skullcap
white passion vine

yellow baptisia (Baptisia sphaerocarpa)
beauty berry
button bush

Just a few things I'm looking for;
cactus such as claret cup, lace cactus, twisted rib, pineapple, horse crippler, choa,
Cream Wild Indigo (Baptisia leucophaea)
other perenials

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Abarbie I am interested in black currant plant. Please let me know what kind of basil seeds do you have. I have Greek columnar basil plant . It does not produce and have to save a cutting in order to grow next year,also I have a cactus plant if you are interested

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Any one have drift roses. I am interested in cuttings

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The basil seeds are just the common sweet basil but you're welcome to them. I just dug a couple of the black currants for you; the root was so deep on them but hopefully I got enough that with a little tlc they'll do ok.

Would love the cactus plant if not spoken for.

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Gretchen Wood

Add to list of haves-
Strawberry Plants
Lemon Balm is in ground can pull it up no problem.

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Gretchen Wood

Want red or yellow roses can be cuttings. My knock out roses are looking quite skimpy these days. Four maximum.

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Thank you Abarbie for the seeds and black currant. I will bring cactus plant for you
Gretchen I am interested in strawberry plants. Will they survive in winter outside?
Anybody interested in Greek columnar basil. This variety does not produce seeds . I make a small plant from cutting and keep it inside in winter, also I have orange mint, sweet mint and 5 african violets.

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I can get you a confederate rose cutting a bit later just before our first freeze. Mine is just now starting to set buds. Its the first year in my yard for it.
I got it from Carrie last fall and it rooted over the winter in a bucket of water just like brugs do.

a friend of mine has baby aloes I can bring you. They will be small.
Yes, I'm pretty sure the strawberries will be fine over the winter outside in the ground. Just be sure to get them in ground quickly so they can be established before our first hard freeze. Someone else might know more about how to over winter them. I think they die back but return in the spring.

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