Couple of my cherimoya fruits.

jsvand5July 8, 2010

I bought a Pierce and a Honeyheart from ebay last year and they seem to be liking it just fine here in FL. Looks like both will hold 3 fruit.

A couple of my Emperor Lychees. I have about a dozen fruit.

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yaslan(8 WA state)

Nice pics and Congrats! Love your cherimoya and lychee fruits!

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Hello Jsvand,
Your cheimoyas look great! Please let me know what you think about the honeyheart. I was thinking about buying it but the price on ebay was quite high. I don't know to much about lychee but the fruits look pretty good. I recently got a jack seedling this year and I am hoping to be able to get fruit from it some day. I have never tried the fruit before but I am excited to try one on my own tree.

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Hey, you cant do that in FL!

Nice job, your cherimoyas are about 3x the size of my fruit right now. Holy Smokes, you jak is crazy, it must be all the radiation you are giving it. I hope now that mine is in the ground that it will respond like that.

Lets see, jak, maprang, lychee, mangoes, half way to your own little Thailand. You just need durian, mangosteen and langsat to round it out.


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Good going with the Cherimoya's and the Emperor Lychee. Please let us know how they taste! I'm wondering if the Emperor Lychee can taste beter in some years. The Sweethearts I ordered from Lycheesonline last year were excellent but the ones this year were slightly overripe and not as good as last year.

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