Late blight on seedling?

CaraRoseApril 22, 2013

One of my Big Beef seedlings appears to have a fungal infection... I just googled trying to figure out what it was, and it looks a lot like late blight. White patches on the stem, along with one leaf with small white patches of mold underneath.

Our basement flooded and they spent a few days down there before I was able to move all the plants out knowing it was a bad environment being that damp and unsanitary at that point.

Should I even try to save this seedling if that's what it is? Should I pre-emptively spray the rest of my tomatoes?

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timmy1(6a ri)

Don't think it would be late blight unless you have potato tubers down there next to it.

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

Agree with timmy. Not Late Blight,, P. infestans.

None of the symptoms you mentioned describe LB.

Whate patches on stems and leaves, OK, but probably one of the common Powdery Mildew fungal infections.

I checked your page to see where you garden, but you didn't indicate anything, When answeribng tomato disease questions it's always good to know where someone gardens, in a goegraphic sense, since many tomato diseases are regional,, but not the one you're describing IMO.

Have you looked at any disease sites to see if you can matchup symptoms? In the pest and Disease Forum here, link at the top, there used to be links to TAMU and Cornell, which I thought were the best and I've also linked to them from elsewhere from time to time here at GW.

BTW, Timmy is referring to the fact that LB can overwinter in potato cull piles, but I doubt you've got some potatoes stored down in the cellar, or do you? And if so it really is important to know where you are in the US.


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Actually, I did have potatoes down there that I started indoors playing around with some kitchen potatoes that were growing legs. :(

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I'm in Chicago. The potatoes never showed signs of blight though.

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It's pm not late blight.

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