Jackfruit variety

chrisvelas77(Socal 10b)July 28, 2010

I current have the option to get a jackfruit but I don't know which variety to pick. I'm able to pick one of the following Black Gold, Singapore dwarf, Zieman Pink, and Golden nugget. I prefer a dwarf or non vigourous variety I know Black gold and singapore dwarf can be kept a small stature but not sure about the others.

Thank You in advance


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hmhausman(FL 10B)

I am presently growing, or have grown in the past, Black Gold and Gold Nugget. Black Gold is more vigorous than Gold Nugget, but both can be maintained at a relatively small stature. Ten to twelve feet high is where the Fairchild folks say these trees can be kept. I have heard of the other culitvars but cannot give you any guidance on their growth habits.


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i have cheena which is growing very small, stout, branching low and bangkok lemon which has been growing vigorously upright

i hear gold nugget has superior flavor to black gold. black gold is not a dwarf tree, it grows large and symmetrical.

ive never seen a simon pink or read a review of its fruit, i read it is a dwarf variety

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