Wish me luck!

CoryMiamiBeachJuly 6, 2011

After owning my 5 fruit trees for exactly 1 week, i discovered that my papaya plant is invested with spider mites. They are everywhere! I used some insecticide soap a few days ago, and those buggers are still there today, so I'll apply again in the morning.

My first trees and 7 days later I'm already dealing with the mites!

Wish me luck!

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Best of luck with that, Cory.

Which papaya variety do you have?

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I have a red lady papaya.

The funny thing is that I've never actually eaten papaya before, but I thought it would make an excellent addition to my fruit forest (I just moved from Chicago to Miami, so I wanted to feel like I was in the tropics!).


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mangodog(palm springs 9B)


Those little buggers are a BEAR to get rid of. If the plants are small spray like every 3-4 days and DON'T STOP for a long long time!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've had mites that just would never leave my papayas and I had to eventually cut them down (they were inground)

Which reminds me - don't leave them near any other plants -not even within like 10 feet. Hopefully you still have them in pots...

And get a magnifying glass - examining with that is the best way to see where you stand with those fast-breeding little buggers.....you know, run your finger on the bottom of the leaf and see if anything moves....the trickiest little devils....

Dang - I wish you luck squared!


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yellowthumb(5a Ontario)

The best way to rid them in summer is to use a hose. Spray them every single day or even you have a chance. Spray under the leaves.

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Thanks MDog and Yellowthumb!

Very luckily, I had the papaya tree on the other side of my house from the other 5 trees, so the spider mites have only attacked the papaya so far. I may have waited too long, I've lost 3 leaves so far and a few of the small fruits. While I haven't seen any more, I'm continuing to spray every 3-4 days with the insecticide. I'll definitely use a spray hose in between sprays! Great idea!

I really hope the plant survives... the leaves are very yellow now :(

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