Will Makok Sapodilla self-pollinate?

sbrowning76July 29, 2012


I have already learned a great deal from reading this forum, but I have read some conflicting information on sapodilla trees setting fruit. I would appreciate any clarity you can provide.

I have a small Makok Sapodilla that I planted in my small Florida backyard in March of this year. It is happy and growing nicely, and grows new shoots and leaves when I fertilize it--I will eventually prune it so it does not grow over 12ft. I am not an expert at fruiting trees, however, and I did not know some trees require cross pollination. I have been plucking any flowers that appear to encourage the tree to grow leaves and roots, so I am not sure if flowers would have set if I had left them alone.

The UFL site for Sapodilla trees suggest that some cultivars can self-pollinate, but others not (http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/mg057), unfortunately it does not elaborate. My yard is not large enough to support another Sapodilla, and I'm not growing the trees for the shade, so if it can not produce fruit I would like to transplant it to a happier home. Does anyone with more experience in Makok Sapodillas have any suggestions?

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Your Makok Sapodilla tree will fruit just fine by itself. Plus I'll bet there are other Sapodilla trees in your neighborhood.

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I concur, I have a tree the same size as yours and it is setting fruit as we speak. I have not seen another one in my neighborhood (might be one, of course, that I haven't seen.) Mine is in a large pot for now, so I am not focused on tree growth at this moment. That is why I'm letting my set fruit.

Good luck on figuring out the season for it though! Best I can tell, this variety might have a spring/summer and a winter bloom. It was blooming and had fruit when I bought it in late December and it has been flowering since spring (just now setting fruit though... not sure why the earliest blooms didn't set.)

If anyone has a pic of a mature tree (10 yrs old or so) I'd love to see it... curious to know what form this tree will take, or what form I might be able to encourage.

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Thanks swrancher and irun5k, I'll keep an eye on it and check it next year. :)

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My two have bloomed over the last 12 months or so regularly but have not set fruit until this last month.

I have very few bees so I believe that they self pollinate, and I do not think that they need cross pollination.

The Makok is a rather small tree and it's why I bought it. I can't wait for its delicious fruits.

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I just picked a fruit this week off of mine. I got lucky I guess, it was ripe and delicious. Small though, about the size of a kiwi. This helps me understand things a bit more.

This fruit was on the tree when I bought it last December. So my best guess is that the maturity period is around 9 months and I can expect two harvests a year. Fruit that sets late summer will be ready the following spring, and apparently I might get some fruit setting in the winter that will be ready around next August.

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Last week, I moved my Makok sapodilla to a 30 gallon pot from the 12 gallon pot it was in. I've had it for around 2.5 years and it has the most beautiful shape. I've never had to prune it and it is perfectly balanced all around.
This year, I picked around 120 fruits so far and there is about ten more on the tree. The fruits have been ripening since early May without taking a break. The tree is healthy, drought tolerant, and seems very productive. Needless to say, I love my Makok!
I don�t know about other people�s experiences with Makok, but my tree seems to flower almost continuously from May until September. Every time it has new growth, it flowers again and sets more fruit.
* For all of the container growers out there, Makok is a great choice, especially in central to north Florida.

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This is my mature Sapodilla. It is atleast 12 years old. It is huge! Atleast 25 feet tall. It was transplanted 10 years ago and seemed to grow fine. It has not produced at all for me! :( I suspect that it needs proper cross pollination. It does give me plenty of blooms every year and only once gave me a large fruit that was dry and sapless. I hope one day, to get a second tree in a pot and maybe get some cross pollination and fruit. Any suggestions are welcome!

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