Champagne mango seedlings

persimmonbob(6b)July 5, 2011

I bought a case of champagne mango's at Sam that came from Mexico and planted the seeds in pots.a couple of weeks ago and now they are 3 inches tall. Question : I intend to grow mango's in containers,Is this a wrong start. I have no idea went to buy young tree,s, my frost deadline is april 19. I have a page orange tree now for 5 years which i bring in the insulated garage but no heat. It grows surprisingly well. I like to see if i can grow mango's just the same way.I like to start with 2 mango's and one carambola and moved to my heated ex-workshop that has now t-5 lights installed(plenty of light)for the wintermonths and part of spring.

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I have 2 mango trees...1 mAHA cHINOOK and 1 Carrie mango tree that I am growing in pots. I move them under my 600 watt HPS light around OCtober. I live in zone 6. I also have a 1 year old Champagne mango seedling but don't know what to expect from it in the future.

The Carrie mango is what is considered a condo type. Condo mangos are dwarfs that can be grown in pots. There is a variety called Lancetilla that does grow larger. You really need to look at the descriptions of the fruit trees so you can see if they will work for what you want.

Pine Island had a great mango viewer that will give ou all sorts of good info.


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Thanks for your thread Andrew. How much luck do you have with your mango's.Did you start your mango's from seed?
I got 4 seedlings now that are only 4 inches tall, they are in full sun and i am afraid to fertelize them.

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