Free range chickens

erinluchsinger(z4 - Upstate NY)June 27, 2005

Although I have never posted on this forum, I read it quite often. I live in ONondaga County and am the mother of 14 very spoiled free range chickens.

Well, we've bought a house w/ some pretty extensive landscaping that I'd like to keep, so the chickens have to go.

Anyone in need of some free rangers? All are 16 weeks old and ready to lay in another month or so.

Please email me if you're interested!

3 Buff Orp pullets

3 Black Australorp pullets

3 buff brahma pullets

2 silver spangled hamburgs pullets

2 GLW pullets

1 glw rooster (very nice... named Julio)

All free range and they need to stay that way!



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Oh!! Me! ME!!

I have been looking for chickens!! The few places I've found any were for baby chicks..I wanted pullets!!

The only problem is I dont know where Onondaga County is....I am in Orleans County. I dont know if its to far or not. But I have 26 acres waiting for some Chickens!!

Please let me know if they are still avalible and if you are to far from me.


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erinluchsinger(z4 - Upstate NY)

Funny b/c I don't have any idea where Orleans county is! Onondaga county is where Syracuse is... smack dab in the middle of the state.
Feel free to email me personally!

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