WANTED: Can too much watering be bad for live oaks ?

bobkatbf(7b/TX)September 3, 2008

Can too much watering be bad for live oaks ?

Hubby thinks that it is making them grow too fast .

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There are several different types of live oaks, but most of them are hardy in moist to dry soils. Around here almost all of the oaks classified as 'live oaks' are evergreen or nearly evergreen, dropping almost all their leaves in Spring and growing new ones at the same time.

A sapling would be more sensitive to fluctuations in moisture levels since it's roots would be much shorter and shallower than a mature tree. The mature live oaks, like the ones at Ft Worth Botanic Gardens could probably survive some flooding while many plants, young trees included might drown.

The best thing to do for a young tree is just to make sure there is very good drainage and adequate sunlight when you first plant it. That way, even if you tend to overwater a little it should be able to still breathe. Cheryl

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