HAVE: Austin/San Antonio Plant Swap - October 28

chargreen(TX/Aus)September 8, 2006

Hello Everyone,

The Austin/San Antonio area Fall Plant Swap will be on Saturday, October 28 at the Buda City Park pavilion. I will post a map before the swap.

I hope we all get some good rain before the swap.

We will have a potluck lunch and hopefully celebrate the end of a long hot dry summer!!!!

Let me know if you have any questions or if you want to volunteer to bring paper goods or drinks.

Also, feel free to post your pre-swap have and wants on this post.



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I know I'm bringing a lime green daylily (attached to 3 of its friends). My neighbor plans to bring lots of stuff (tools/accessories of sorts). Will post if/when I get details.

Not sure that I need anything. It's an "I'll know it when I see it" kinda thing, I guess.

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Here's my list. Most if not all of my babies have come from earlier plant swaps so many of the names will look familiar. I hope some are interested.

Bog Sage
Century plant
A verigated type of Century plant
Gregg's mistflower (blue)
Inland sea oats
Miniature katie ruellia (pink)
Katie ruellia - purple
Yellow lantana
rosemary - bush type
salvia madrensis
salvia involucrata
turk's cap - red
yarrow - white
Salvia coccinea - red and pink types

Thanks to all who shared in the earlier plant swaps!

And Charolotte, count me in on whatever you need. If you want to just assign me something, I will be happy to bring it.


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Turns out I can't go - my company picnic is that day. I will try to send my plant along with my neighbor!

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Here is the mapquest link to the swap location.
The Pavilion is located on San Antonio St. in the Buda City Park in downtown Buda.
I hope everyone is getting prepared for the swap.
I will post the list of what to bring later.

See you at the swap!

We will miss you Sarah!

Here is a link that might be useful: Mapquest Link to Buda City Park

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I will be there if at all possible. Don't know what plants I will have to share, but will bring an assortment. I will look to see what is needed for lunch.


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Thank you, Charlotte. I have some starts of purple Ruellia britonniana. Hopefully I will be able to trade them there. I am also taking some drinks for the pot luck.


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txbeyer(Zone 8b/9a)

Hi all, I will be coming for the first time. I moved to NW Austin in Jan. 06 and looking forward to meeting everyone. My complete plant data base can be seen at http://www.houstongardening.info/plantlist.htm so if there is any particular plant you want, I will check to see if I have one to spare. Being new to Central TX (moved from SE Houston), I could use some native or adaptive plants, in particular:

Yucca palida (paleleaf yucca)
Agave colorata or paryii, or victoria-reginae
Hardy amaryllis (Johnsonii), either red or white
Dwarf agapanthus
Mexican Mint Marigold (Charlotte has offered me some)
Saphora affinis (Eve's necklace)
and any other adaptive plants that are small and compact, variegated (I'm big on that), or evergreen.

I recently came across some Yucca thompsoniana (aka rostrata) and have a nice plant of that available to swap.

Our yard will be included on the Travis County Master Gardeners 'Inside Austin Gardens' tour on Sat. Oct. 21st.
go to www.tcmastergardeners.org to get more info about it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Southeast Texas Gardening

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That's a great site that you have. I always imagined that I could use excel to make my grid paper, but had never found the format button that was needed!

I googled your Yucca pallida. I really think that's what we have growing around here. I will be sure to dig up a few for you (and others).

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txbeyer(Zone 8b/9a)

I'll add a few more wants to my list:
Creeping Lantana
Aztec grass (tall white variegated liriope)
Fall Aster

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The Swap is only two weeks away.
Here is the usual swap info to remind everyone how it works and what to bring.

The swap usually starts at 9am sharp and we usually do door prizes and a potluck lunch around noon. It's usually all over by 1:30 or 2 depending on weather and how many people come. As for what to bring, the options are wide open. Plants of course, either divisions of your perennials, or cuttings you started or seeds you collected and labeled. Sometimes people bring whole plants they decided they didn't like anymore or didn't have room for. Also, if making new plants is not your thing, you can bring gardening related items, books, terra cotta pots, tools, etc... People are generally very generous and eager to make newbies feel welcome so there are no hard and fast rules about what you can bring. Also, most gardeners just don't want to take any of their own stuff back home so they are often not expecting an "even trade".
There is also a list of things you may find useful to bring:
camp chair or stool
card table (there are no tables provided at the Buda pavilion)
extra plant labels and marker
extra plastic pots - usually someone needs these
plastic bags for transporting goodies
plastic nursery trays for transporting goodies
Drinking water
rain jacket (for some reason our swap usually causes a shower!)
Also we do have a donation jar to help pay for the pavilion rental
so your donation will help make sure we can keep on swapping!
If you know what you are bringing you can list it here.
As far as food goes, bring what you want. We usually have a good variety.
See you at the Swap!

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txbeyer(Zone 8b/9a)

Add Sedums to my previous postings of Wants. Thanks

I will bring an assortment of unusual and hard to find plants that I have propagated from our garden.

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Hey. txbeyer. I could save some (3 of ea)cuttings for you of sedum "Emperor", "Blue spruce", variegated and "Ogon". Let me know.


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brarygrl(z8 TX)

Hi gang!
Counting down the days to the swap and really looking forward to seeing all the old and new faces! Ok, none of us is old, but experienced swappers shall we say?!

Here's what I've got started:
ice plant - most with peach flowers, possibly some with hot pink flowers and one with varigated leaves, if they root in time
sedum - Native TX variety, a purple variety and a blue/grey variety
Louisiana iris - mixed colors
waterlilies - pink
daylilies - mixed colors
pipe plant - hard to describe but something I got at a previous swap and now it's making babies!

As you may know, I moved over the summer so my new garden is still in the development stages. I added a lot of natives last weekend from the Wildflower Center sale so hopefully some of those will be ready for cuttings by the time our spring swap rolls around.

I can bring plates for the potluck and something for the door prizes.

See ya'll soon! ~Lindsey

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txbeyer(Zone 8b/9a)

Hi Omar, Thanks for your offer to introduce me to some new sedums for our relatively new Austin garden. I accept and appreciate your offer to bring them.

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Ok, txbeyer. See you there.


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txbeyer(Zone 8b/9a)

OK, After several postings (which I can't delete and replace with this), Here is my final posting of wants and haves - which supercedes prior postings:

Specific Wants:
Yucca pallida (pale leaf yucca)
Mexican Mint Marigold - Charloote to provide
Agave colorata or paryii, or victoria-reginae
Fall Aster
Hardy sedums - Omar to provide

Have: (and plan to bring)
Variegated Turks Cap
Senecio himilaya glauca
Kalanchoe - variegated (bluish with cream margin)
Cuphea igneus (David Varity) - the dwarf one
Hamelia patens dwarf form (dwarf hummingbird bush)
Trichytis formosiana 'Guilt Edge' - yellow variegated margin
Prerskia bleo
Tricolor Hypericum
Pandanus veitchii variegata - Tropical aka Screw Pine
Pandanus baptisti aureo variegata - Tropical
Colocasia 'black magic'
Xanthosoma 'Golden Delicious' - pale yellow tropical foliage
Cuttings of Thailand hybrid crown of thorns, var. colors
Eleagnus pungens maculata - yellow leaf centered variegation
Other last minute plants I might grab.
Prearranged trades are welcomed before or after the swap - see my entire plant list at www.houstongardening.info/plantlist.htm

I will wear a bright red shirt, be wearing glasses and a Master Gardener name tag on at the swap. Looking forward to meeting everyone.

Bob Beyer, NW Austin

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Hi, Bob. Could you save a start of variegated Turk's Cap for me?



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It looks like the weather is going to be great for the swap on Saturday.

Here is my list of plants I'm bringing.
Red dragon flower (Huernia schneiderana Berger)
Multiplying onions
Cypress vine
Horse Herb
Jalapeno pepper
Brazilian Rock Rose (Pavonia hastata)
Mexican Mint Marigold
Creeping ruellia (Ruellia squarrosa)
White Petunia (Ruellia malacosperma 'Alba')

If any one has an outdoor extension cord and a powerstrip they could bring it will come in handy for those who bring crock pots. I know we have the paper goods covered. If you can't think what to bring for lunch an ice chest with ice and drinks is something we never have too much of.
I know Omar is planning on bringing some drinks but we can always use more.
Looking forward to seeing every one at the swap!

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Yes, I'll bring assorted drinks, cups and ice for about 20 people.

I forgot to mention that I'm bringing some small rooted starts of variegated Dianella tasmannica, purple Ruellia britonniana and variegated acorus gramineous. I still need to check what else I have available. I may have some Lysimachia "Alexander" and some cacti available. We'll see...


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brarygrl(z8 TX)

Hi Bob,

I would love to pre-arrange a trade with you. Of particular interest to me is:
Variegated Turks Cap
Senecio himilaya glauca
Kalanchoe - variegated
The wavy opuntia on your website

I have several sedum and succulent selections, including a variegated one. I have fall aster too - I didn't get currings rooted in time for the swap but I could certainly bring you a baggie of cuttings. I also have Diamantia.

Let me know if this sounds good.
Lindsey - Brarygrl

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Now I am going to have to spend the rest of the night googling!!!


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Just came from the swap. Wow. Great weather, zillion of plants, delicious food and wonderful people. What else can one ask for? I had an awesome time. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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I want to chime in my thanks to all for my new babies and Charlotte for getting it organized. I have the perfect spot for a number of my new treasures....and for others, looks like it's time for another bed :))).

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Saturday's swap was the first for for Ron and I. We both had a wonderful time!!! Thank you to all who came and who helped set the swap up! I can't wait for the next one. Ron sends his thanks, too and says he hopes next year there are 300 people attending!

So I am going to get busy with my plants and seeds in order to have plenty to swap and give away.

Thank you to Charlotte, Lindsay, Patty, Carla, Ester, Bob, Omar, Lorna and any one I forgot!(unintentionally)

Teri, your seeds are in the mail! Charlotte, check your mailbox too! (probably wednesday)

I have played in dirt since returning from the swap. I am so happy with the plants and seeds I acquired and I look forward to seeing you all again!

Jani & Ron

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I love to spread the wealth so out of the bunch of lemon grass from Carla and the daylilies from Jani & Ron, and the multiplying onions from Charlotte (I think I got that right), I have 15 pots of stuff that are going to office staff and some people out in the area where I live.

When I look at my beds, they take on a better meaning than anything that I could have gotten at a store. Thanks again to everyone and just think, your (larger) presents to me are heading to all over SA!

The singles and one set of the above are all for me!


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