Which Curators Mango Tree at Fairchild Fest

swrancherJuly 7, 2010

Like many others here I'm planning on attending the Mango Festival this weekend at Fairchild Gardens in Miami. I want to get a Mango tree from their Curator choice trees but cant decide between a "Jean Ellen" or "Manilita." Sounds like they are both indochinese early season mangos. I like the look of the fruit and small size of the Manilita tree but the write-up on the Jean Ellen makes that sound pretty good too, multiple blooms...Anyone have experince with either variety or want to offer suggestions?

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hmhausman(FL 10B)

My suggestion.....get one of each...of course. And, I am practicing what I preach.


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I've been considering either the Jean Ellen or the Rosigold as my early season mango. The Rosigold seems to produce well and taste above average for those who have them here on the forum, but not much is known about the Jean Ellen. I agree that the description does make it sound very appealing.

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what other varieties are you growing again?

manilita is a Mexican early mango, so if you dont have Rosigold i would go with that.

im interested in their three new cultivars, Angie, Emerald and Jean Ellen.

Jean Ellen is an Asian mango, so if you dont have alot of Asian varieties go for it.

Emerald is an indian strain

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ohiojay(z6 OH)

Harry...trying to push over 100 varieties in the yard down there?! Where on earth could you possibly put more trees?! Your yard must look like the inside of my greenhouse.

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Jay, Harry's place still has plenty of room. WAY too much grass taking up space, but I bet after a few more years on this forum he won't need a lawncutting guy anymore.

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Harry has plenty of room, i dropped of my Zebda mango last weekend for a box of lychees.

there is 0 room in my yard, lol. a tree to me is like a dead body "where the f$%* am i going to bury this thing"

barring any hurricane loss or unsuitability of cultivars (most likely lychee) my yard is occupied.

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I'm still stumpted on which one to get. I can't get both because I'm also getting a Mallika. Dont want to make my wife too crazy by coming home with three trees, not that two is that much different...I already have a Rosigold tree so I'm leaning toward the Jean Ellen but on the other hand...Maybe I'll just see which type looks the best.

By the way my Angie tree bought there last July is doing great. Its about five plus feet tall now with a really nice full spreading canopy.

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id go with the Jean Ellen, just because new Florida cultivars like Pickering have been showing some promise.

manilita is a Mexican cultivar

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