Anybody else tired of rain?!

booberry85(5)June 10, 2013

Yes, I know the weather is the weather. I can't change it, but I can gripe about it! I figured people can come here to vent about the weather.

Why is it that when the peonies are in bloom we always get torrential rains? We're just into the second week in June and they say this is the most rain we've ever gotten in June. More rain today and tomorrow.

I've had one flower bed flooded. I was finding daffodil bulbs that I had moved 4 feet away from the flower bed after one storm we had. I had lots of soil wash away from that bed too. I've been trying to build up that bed ever since (both soil and rooted plants), but its been plunk and run to dodge the rain.

The veggie garden is holding its own, but not much is growing. At least this week the temps will be near normal.

So go ahead! Complain away! I know you want to. :)

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I'm not complaining yet because it is technically spring and at least I don't have to waste my time watering the gardens! :p

I hadn't heard that we've set record amounts of rain. I don't even have all my veggie garden planted yet and haven't been outdoors enough to see the iris and peonies and poppies and everything else that's wet, mushy, and laying on the ground. :( There's only 20% chance of rain today, so hopefully I will be able to cut a decent bouquet from what's left out there. :)

This is reminding me of the summer of 2000. It rained *constantly* that spring/summer and on the rare days it didn't rain I had to struggle to try to mow the long wet grass! I'll be doing that later today. :O)

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My garden is the most beautiful I have ever seen. I have lettuce 16 inches across. Roses are spectacular. I guess I like the rain because everything that blooms in spring likes it cool and wet and I don't have to water.

I have a lot of compost mulch on the beds so nothing gets washed away. Flowers seem to recover after being rained down. I'm happy. I also hate to be out in the hot sun, so a cloudy day is lovely to garden in.

I do have a problem with the rain because I haven't been able to swim in my pool yet! The solar cover has been on for 3 weeks and the water is still too cold. I've had to drain water out 4 times because it's overflowing! This hasn't ever happened in 30 years.

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Hurray! Sunshine!!! I went outside and puttered in the garden today.

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bernd ny zone5

I and my many hostas like rain. I hate to roll out hoses and keep a schedule for watering, have no automatic system . I was very happy that it rained here nearly every day while we were in vacation for nine days, checked the Weather Channel every day.

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