HAVE: Zinnia, Marigold, Lupine, Basil, Morning Glory

bedlymiteSeptember 16, 2007

I have only 30 or 40 Zinnia seeds, but as soon as the heads are ready I will have thousands of the double blooming variety. They are pink but I am not sure if it is a hybrid. I have more yellow than orange Marigold, but hundreds in either case. I only have 15 to 20 lupine seeds to trade. Basil numbers in the thousands. It is the generic variety. Morning glory is pink or blue but I have not separated them. I am open to suggestions and would even accept rain checks since it's only the cost of a stamp. I am new to this and would like to get a large collection going. My main interest right now is floral but herbs and berries do interest me. Well, anything potentially can. If you really want to chat try sending me an email at: bedlymite (at) gmail (dot) com.

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If you're looking for a trade I have some fairly unique giant coneflower seeds that I could send you in exchange for a couple of your lupines. These coneflowers get roughly 7-8' tall and have huge leaves. The flower is about 3-4" across and is yellow, not overly showy, but the plant always attracts attention. Oddly, men seem to be impressed by them. haha Cheryl

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