Pineapples flowering

tropicbreezentJuly 27, 2012

Was quite pleased to see my pineapples starting to come out in flower. I never fertilise them so only get small fruit. But they're good all the same. There's 4 so far, but probably not many/any more at this stage.

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very nice, thanks for sharing, had mine for about 3 years, still cant get them to flower/fruit.

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Pineapples flower when they have cool short days. "Cool" for pineapples means something like 10C to 15C minimums. But they are sometimes gassed (commercially) to make them flower at the same time. One of the gasses they respond to is ethylene, which is given off by fruit. So what you can do is enclose a few apples with your plant in a plastic bag for a week or so. Flowering should start in a few months. Don't let the plant cook in the plastic. It needs cool short days at that time.

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i've read about the apple method before, i guess i'll give it a try this winter.

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