WANTED: Ft Worth Autumn Swap

sylviatexas1September 19, 2005

Autumn in Texas!

Time to "Swap Til You Drop!"

Our Autumn Swap for 2005 will be on Sunday, November 7, starting at 11 AM & going on until we're all wore out (or until they run us out of the park!), at Trinity Park.

Where it is:

Trinity Park is on University just north of I-30, on the east side of the road, across the street from the first entrance to the Botanic Gardens.

Just turn into the park, & follow the trail.

You can't miss us!

We won't be in the gazebo but just past it under the big old trees near the picnic tables, as in the past.

What it is:

Spring & Autumn, Texas Forum members meet to share plants, seeds, flower pots, supplies, books, magazines, garden art, garden junk, & crafts, as well as "garden chat", camaraderie, & tips.

What to do:

Pot up your "surplus" plants (those that you're thinning out, those you're removing in favor of a different type, those that self-seeded or volunteered, those that you grew on purpose & now realize that you have enough for 40 acres, etc.)

It's a good idea to mark each item while you've got it in your hands:

I use a Sharpie on light-colored plastic picnic knives & stick them into the soil.

If the plant is going to be in bright sun, write the name on the handle & the blade.

If the exposed part fades in the sun, you still have identification on the underground part.

Seeds should be in sealed envelopes marked with the name & maybe some instructions (full sun, full shade, lotsa water, etc), & the approximate number of seeds.

What else to offer:

Garden art, garden junk, decorative items, birdhouses/feeders/baths, garden supplies, containers (there's always *somebody* who needs those zillion plastic pots!), & books are all popular things at a swap.


on this thread, items that you have to trade & items you'd like to receive.

This is a good way to do "pre-trades":

Pre-trades are a valuable way to control your "inventory" to increase your likelihood of coming home with things you are thrilled to have.

Plus, you can allot car-space according to which items will bring you what you want!

I have learned the hard way to make a list of what I have promised each person, put each person's things in one cardboard box if at all possible, & staple a big "mailing label" with their name onto the box.


Don't try to bring all of this stuff (you won't have room for plants!), but here are some ideas to help make your swap experience as pleasureable as possible:

folding chairs/tables, sheets/blankets to set things on, newspapers, jugs of water to hydrate plants, notebook & pen to make notes (& take down people's names & phone #s to set up "nursery dates" & the like!), plastic bags, business or personal cards showing your own name/#s/email, camera, several sets of printed instructions for your plants' new owners, things to eat, things to drink, a hat, loose comfortable clothes & shoes, etc.

New to gardening or to the area or if you've just moved into a place, & you don't have lots/much/some/any to trade?


*Puhleeeze* come to this swap!

Some of us have *lots* of extras, & we bring plants

to get them adopted rather than to get something in return.

Just ask me about four o'clocks, obedient plants, orange Kwanzo daylilies, oak seedlings....

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tinkersagain(Central TX)

hI, I am tinkersagain, and have lots to trade:

Old Fashioned White Datura (huge 4-6 inch upright blooms)
.have lots to trade!!
Dwarf Lilac Moonflower (Datura Meteloides) lots left!
Pampas Grass.. maybe 20 trades
Pom Pom Marigolds.. mixed seed(orange & yelo) 6 trades
Giant Red Cockscomb(Mane De Leon) 6 or 7 trades
Texas Sweet Cantalope.. lots of trades
Yucca.. pink flowering.. 6 trades

Chili Pequin pepper, Cyanne pepper.. limited trade, Thai/Chili cross.. awesome, this grows into small "tree" up to 7ft tall.. very bushy, very hot pepper! lots to trade!
Opal Basil
Tuscan style cantalope.. wow.. super sweet, distinct color pattern.. (melon color with dark green "ribs") very faast germination

I am looking for plants to incorporate in a Butterfly/Hummingbird/Dragonfly garden . Also companion herbs; patchouli plant cuttnigs, Damianna.

Sase or Bubble sase okay here. Live 25 ne of san antonio.. but will be planting also in smithville/flatonia/bastrop area.

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It looks like you're wanting trades by mail;
You'll probably get more response if you post your own message.

This thread is for a swap meet we're having in Fort Worth in November.

(If you're planning to come, I apologize for misunderstanding: We'd love to see you!)

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Cool weather is finally here,
just in time for us to get those plants ready for our
Ft Worth Autumn Swap!

I'm bringing for sure:

crepe myrtle
chocolate mint
white datura, both plant & seeds
salvia black & blue
Achillea Paprika (red yarrow)
2 to 3 kinds of cannas: lemon yellow Conestoga, & 2 different kinds of tall soft orange species type

can/may bring if anyone is interested:

tree seedlings: golden rain, pecan, red oak
Kwanzo daylilies (orange species type)
English ivy
Sedum Autumn Joy
lavender sedum

also have some big plastic detergent buckets for large plants if anyone needs 'em.

Can't wait to see everyone!

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Yeah Sylvia I will go check the calendar I think soccer is over by then. I missed the Trinity one but heard it was a haul from the car...this sounds great!

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barefoot_in_texas(Texas Z8)

Sylvia: Is the swap on November 6, or 7? I really want to come even though I am really a newbie and don't have anything. Just want to see what it's like and meet some new people. Thanks, Brenda

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barefoot these folks are very generous to newbies come prepared you won't go home empty....It has been great in the past!

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Duh, it's Sunday, the 6th.
(I didn't make that typo, my fingers did!)

Hey, Brenda, Cindy's right on the button:

There's *always* plenty for a newcomer!

It's a very friendly group, very casual, & generous as well.

Yes, it really was a hike from the car to the pavillion at Veteran's Park, but it was fun!

I dug up a redbud seedling today (man, why didn't I know those things have roots to China???), & it's soaking in fish & seaweed solution; it's probably close to 3' tall.

It'll come to FW if anyone is interested.

and if I can figure out how to divide it, I'll bring some shrimp plant.
It's the coolest thing:
I got it from a neighbor last summer & forgot what it was.
Well, it grew, but it didn't do anything interesting or entertaining.
Then one day about 2 weeks ago, I saw something sort of russet-coral in that vicinity, & it had a *flower*!
The flowers don't look exactly like shrimp, but they make you think of shrimp.

Too cool.
Especially right now, when the summer stuff has gone to seed & the autumn stuff hasn't gotten here yet.

I also got a candlestick plant at a plant sale last spring, & it's glorious.
It must be 10' tall, with bright yellow flowers.
I think it grows from cuttings.
I'll check, & bring some if they're likely to grow.

can't wait!

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barefoot_in_texas(Texas Z8)

Thanks guys, can't wait to meet you all. Sylvia, I love sedum and would like to have some of your lavender sedum if you have a spare. Thanks.

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You got it!

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weldontx(z 8a TX)

If anyone will be there "late"--as in about 2 p.m.--I hope to come bringing Country Red crepe myrtle, roses, Shasta daisys, hardy hibiscus and seeds. Even have some hollyhock plants: Dble red, Tx Heritage. I'll have to post later
if anyone wants a list of roses. Midnight's too dark to go check on what I've got.

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Three things I will have and they are huge....three different hardy hybiscus one has bronze leaves in the sun.

Lot of blue mist flower
caster bean seeds
maybe some brug cuttings....
datura seeds
tall ruella

will have to see what else in seeds I have

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Syliva while I dont have anything to trade I would love to come - can you send me over an email with directions on Nov 7th? Would love to help find a home for a few plants (I am going to have to plant something in the new bed with my wonderful gifts from you!)


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posie4u(7b/8a TX)

I hope I can make the swap. I planned on going to the Lewisville swap yesterday, but had to work.

I can bring cuttings of:

Buddleia davidii 'Pink Delight'
Buddleia davidii 'Royal Red' (looks purple to me)
Lantana camara 'Festival'
Lemon thyme
Verbena 'Purple Homestead'
Sedum with lavendar flowers
Turks Cap

Coreopsis auriculata 'Nana'

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Mitch, it's the 6th, Sunday.

I really confused things, didn't I?

Weldon, I'll be there for sure (& if you bring roses, I bet lots of people will still be there!)

Posie, I looked up Lantana Festival & it looks beautiful.
If you have enough, I'd love to have some.
Please check my list & see if you'd like anything I've mentioned so far.

& I *think* (if it does well: I already potted it up) I'll have some Artemesia Oriental Limelight, a sort of softly variegated lime green & yellow variety.
grows like a weed, a quality I admire in a plant!

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Hey Mitch how is the chocolate mimosa???

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Anyone know if Casper will come? He always has the most exotic and wonderful plants.

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I sure hope Casper comes!

He does have beautiful things, & he's so knowledgeable & helpful.

Casper, where you at???

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barefoot_in_texas(Texas Z8)

Gosh I can't wait. This will be my first plant swap and it sounds so fun and exciting. Thanks for letting a newbie join you. Brenda

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weldontx(z 8a TX)

Posie4U, I will trade you the Country Red CM for the
'Pink Delight' Buddleia. The roses that I feel sure about bringing are: Belinda's Dream (2); New Dawn Cl.; an orange-Georgeous, but don't know it's name; a red climber--probably Blaze. All these rooted early this summer. Also have a few OGR's that just rooted. IF I feel good about them by 11/6, I'll bring a few.

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Where is everyone???? I sure hope there is a good turn out...the weather should be nice too.

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They must be digging & potting & rooting & seed-gathering!

I'm really unhappy with my garden at the office;
the soil is thin & sandy & it sits on top of a porous rock shelf which wicks water away like it never was there.

This location has killed canna, Kwanzo daylilies, obedient plant, & four o'clocks!

So I may be bringing some "office" roses, if anyone is interested in rehabilitating a few puny ones:

Sun Flare, Pat Austin, & Medallion come to mind.

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Wow,it must be bad if you can kill those Sylvia...I have been working out side gathering stuff up and this has been a strange year my plants just aren't doing very well...

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barefoot_in_texas(Texas Z8)

Well I've been looking around and I had totally forgotten about the Aloe Vera babies I have. If anyone is interested I can bring them. Have lots of them, so will probably bring them anyway just so I have something.

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Cocobid(7/ DFW)

I must be totally out of it! I had no idea we were having a FW swap.

Is there any way we could use name tags. I would be happy to print our screen names and real ones on them for everyone. Just either E-M me I can start a name thread, not to plug this one up.... I go to the swaps and would love to put names and faces together. Sylvia if it is OK with you I will start a thread for this. Just let me know.

I will be there.

I will have lots of:
Tall Ruellia
I can bring rose cuttings we have 45+ they are easy to root.
Will take a look around this weekend see what is out there!

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Separate thread for name tags sounds like a good idea!


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Just occurred to me:

Do we want to do snackies?

It was so easy to stay & enjoy the swap at Veterans Park in Arlington 'cause there were munchies!

I'm thinking, not a luncheon like we had in Arlington (it was glorious, but lots of people put in lots of work!), but just some stuff to nibble on.

Chips & crackers, dips, vegetable or relish trays, etc.

Whaddya think?


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barefoot_in_texas(Texas Z8)

Good idea Sylvia. I was already planning to bring either cookies or a cake (or maybe both) to share with everyone. So just let me know.

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Aloe is always good:
I like to keep it around for burns.
Please look at my list & see what you might like.

Note to all:

I have seeds, too!
Although I'm not good at growing things from seed (unless they self-seed in the garden), I did get some seed from datura, 4-o'clocks, tall purple Mexican petunia, & a few different salvias.

Cookies are good, I think: portable, not too big...

I'll bring a relish tray: olives, pickles, etc.

Love that stuff!

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the_loam_ranger(8a Ennis NC TX)

Hi, Y'all--

Jeez, where have I been? Count on me to be at the swap...

Don't know what all I'll have (I'll try to get an inventory in the next couple of days).

sylviatx--I'll take the Pat Austin rose off your hands, also some of your chocolate mint and black and blue salvia, if you have plenty...

Weldon--would LOVE the New Dawn Climber, the unnamed orange and a couple of the OGRs if you bring any...

Posie4U--I would give one of your 'Royal Red' Buddleias a good home...

I'll get back to y'all in re: what I will be bringing...


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Hi Everyone! I will be bringing:

plants for the garden:
chocolate mint.
fragrant- 4 o'clocks/hot pink.
mixed daylily.
fragrant- creeping phlox.
jewel of opar-pink.

variegated/corn plant/dracena massangeana.

Plants - I am looking for:

anything fragrant-for Grandson.
any tropicals (especially Bananas).
veggies - for Grandson.

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rptrout(z8 TX)

I have been taking classes for my degree for what seems like a century and now that I have finished I am very interested in continuing working in my gardens I have started. My husband and I bought the acre behind our house so I am anxious to turn it into a beautiful retreat. I would be a newbie and don't have much to trade - I do however have an abundance of clay pots that someone may want.

- - Mona

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How many people will be lingering later into the afternoon. If I knew how long people will be there I'll drop by on my way home from my mothers.

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happyintexas(z7 TX)

This sounds like fun. I've never been to a plant swap. Pass-a-long plants are the best.

I'll take a walk through the garden and see what I have to share. Maybe not much this year, but I'd love to meet y'all.


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mikeandbarb(z8 D/FW)

Plants wanted:
Roses - cutting's or OGRs Maggie - Caldwell - The Fairy - Penelope - Mrs B R Cant - Bonica
Lavender - Blue shade - Tall mexican petunia plant or seeds all colors
Ornamental grasses any
Elephant ears black magic - Emerald Goddess

Plant's for trade:
Ice plant pink - Rose cutting's - Special trade desert rose cutting - Canna tropical - Cypress seeds - poppy seeds. Will have to get outside and check what else I have to bring.


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Cheryl, I've marked the Pat Austin & some chocolate mint & Salvia Black & Blue for you.

Tina, can you use comfrey?

Happy, Welcome! Plant swaps are fun, & this group is wonderful!

Ondrea Carina Leaf, I'll be there latish, & Weldon plans to get there around 2 PM.

Mona, Welcome! Look at my list, & let me know what you would like. I have lots of cannas (just realized that the Roi Soleil may be a bog or pond canna: when I soaked some for a few days, they grew tiny little hairlike roots!)

Barb, I have seeds for the tall purple Mexican Petunia, & I'll bring you cuttings from Mrs B R Cant.

As my grandmother used to say, "Sunday week! It'll be here before you know it!"

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mikeandbarb(z8 D/FW)

Thank you Sylvia. I've decided to put roses in the front bed for more color plus I like them so much.


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Hi all. I forgot to add these on my list:

Looking for -plant markers.

Will bring 3-mil(thick)plastic seed baggies/various sizes.
See you there- Tina_2
Ps. Sylvia- I have a couple of special things, for you.

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michellesgarden(z8 tx DFW)

Hello all ..IS there room for another newbie? I wont have much to trade but I can bring lots o munchies !! And I do have some organic seeds to trade:
Specialty of the house: Loofa seeds ! Grow your own scrubbie for the bath !!

I do have some spider plants that I started in 4in pots and maybe some unknowns that we pulled from the yard while creating new beds !

I will also bring plastic bags, plates, forks and napkins if I can come ! Let me know !
Michelle in Rendon

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Welcome, Michelle!

Yes, come for sure!

There'll be lots of people, plants, seeds, food, & fun.

Tina, what kind of plant markers are you looking for?
I bought a number of plastic picnic knives at a party store one year, & I still have quite a few (if I can find 'em!)

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I thought Tina asked how to grow comfrey,
but I can't find her post...

Comfrey does well in full sun & doesn't need much water.

When it needs water, it droops so suddenly that you'll think it's dead, but all it needs is some water.

It gets very large (3' tall), it has big fuzzy leaves that make me itch like sunflower leaves do, & its beautiful litte clusters of bell-shaped blue flowers are like catnip to butterflies & bees!


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We may have a new person coming to the swap!

I met a woman last summer when she had a plant sale & asked her to let me know when her poppy seeds were ready.

Well, yesterday she called, & I got seeds for some wonderful tall poppies *and...*

bragged on our swap!

If she can make it, she'll be there.

Her gardens are just wonderful.

She still has blooms on peppers, zinnias, even rosemary!

and she has tropicals & other unusual things.

Cross your fingers!

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Posted on another forum & got lots of response, so it sounds like we'll get quite a few new friends (with new plants!)

and this morning I potted up 3 or 4 lamb's ears & a redbud sapling about 3' to 4' tall.

anybody want to reserve any?

It's wonderful weather for gardening, perfect time to thin out extras & make room for new additions!

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barefoot_in_texas(Texas Z8)

Here's what I'm bringing:

17 potted up aloe veras - various size pots
several suncatchers I made using those annoying AOL CD's (they look like a goldfish now)

For snacks:
penaut butter cookies and oatmeal raisin cookies
zucchini bread

sylviatx--I'd love some of your chocolate mint and black and blue salvia, if you have plenty...

Posie4U--If you have a spare 'Royal Red' Buddleias I would love to have it.

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"if I have plenty"?

bwaaa haaaa haaaa

On Halloween, I thought of dressing up like a chocolate mint monster.

I have enough chocolate mint to start a roadside produce stand!
well...roadside mint stand.

and I'll pot up some more B&B if I don't have enough.

They're both enjoyable plants:

In one place, the mint has spread into a walkway,
& I get a waft of chocolate mint whenever I walk through!

& the B&B Salvia flowers are such a luscious electric blue with soft black tips that it's a visual treat all summer long.

Plus it's a nectar plant!

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Hi all. Sylvia - save me some lamb's ear & some red oak ,golden rain trees too. Weldon, I'll take the Belinda's Dream rose, off your hands. Thanks -See you there!

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the_loam_ranger(8a Ennis NC TX)

Hi, Y'all--

Well, I inspected my gardens to see what I'll be bringing to the swap. Unfortunately, because of the new beds I put in this past spring, it's a case of "slim pickin's", as I used up most of what I had on hand.

Question: Is it considered appropriate/acceptable to bring "whole" plants that others there at the swap could take cuttings from? I can bring several things that fall into that category. Although I had intended to start a bunch of stuff last week when I realized this swap was coming up (thanks to sylvia *grin*), I've had to be in "cleaning frenzy" mode instead, with enough still left on the "to-do" list to keep me outta trouble 'til at least Friday (g-r-r-r). I have out-of-town guests arriving Saturday, and even if I didn't have tons of household loose-ends left to tie up, I'm afraid that--regretfully--I'm now out of time to try to get anything started. So, if it's not considered a colossal 'faux pas', here are the "whole" plants I could bring:

Yellow (unnamed) coreopsis (lots and lots)
Curry plant
Lemon Balm
Purple Heart
Spider plant

I also have these to swap:
One pink iris

And, if anyone is interested in the following, let me know, and I'll make it a point to dig some up to bring along:

White irises ("Old Homestead" variety...I. florentina?)
Tradescantia 'Lilac Frost'
Hymenocallis (unnamed, but HUGE plants if they're happy where they're at...mine grow to be 3' to 4' tall...)
Cannas 'Red Beauty'(?), 'Orange Beauty' (?), 'Pretoria'

Another question: can a sucker from a rose bush be rooted like a stem cutting? If so, I can bring a "cutting" from my Graham Thomas (it's growing a really healthy-looking sucker that I've been meaning to cut off).

Also, I will definitely be bringing a lot of greenhouse equipment (plastic flats, 6-packs, small styro cups, etc.), as well as seeds and (possibly) old issues of Neil Sperry's magazine....

Oh, and munchies, of course *grin*...

Well, if anyone is interested in any of the "dig up" stuff, be sure to let me know, otherwise I'm not going to bother digging until later on.

Can't wait to see all y'all there!!!

Best to all,

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barefoot_in_texas(Texas Z8)

Cheryl: I would be interested in Tradescantia 'Lilac Frost' and Hymenocallis if you have time to dig them. Thanks


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Cheryl- I'd love to have the pink iris if no one else needs it. (I do not really "need" any iris, it's just a hobby, I can quit any time, I just choose not to, it is *not* an addiction, I don't care what they all say...)

and artemesia if you have plenty.

I don't see any reason you couldn't bring plants to take cuttings (but it sounds like *work* on your part!).

You might want to be sure you have newspaper etc for people to wrap the cuttings, because I'll bet most people won't have wet newspaper on hand!

My friend Bobbie, a Garden Consultant specializing in irises, is very excited about the swap!
She'll come if her family obligations for Sunday don't clash.

She said she'd love to have some of your historic or Homestead iris.

If she can make it, she'll bring Mexican bush sage, passion flower, Scotsman's pipe (don't know if this is the plant I know as Dutchman's pipe or a different one, you use it in pots or hanging baskets).
She has seeds for many things, including candlestick plant.
I forget what else.
Water hyacinth, which she says is not illegal to own in Texas, but it's illegal to sell it or to put it in Texas waterways because it spreads so fast.
So if you have a contained water feature, you can have water hyacinth.

She's interested in herbs, iris, anything for hanging baskets, & Louisiana iris of any kind.

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Hey Cheryl - Please put my name on your herb plants. I'd love to have them! I am teaching Grandson, all about herbs. He likes the smells, of each one!
Thanks -Tina_2

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ALright I am here and I am going to *TRY* to make it here. If I come I traded out at the Arlington Swap sooo I would be looking for freebies of trees, Iris, Shrubs, Daylilies, Herbs, Cannas, and anything more or less you can throw at me! LOL - I left the Arlington Swap with a car so full I could not see out the back and then on the way home stopped off at the house of the lady who helped me organise the whole thing and added more plants on top of that! Needless to say I love plants and I have my students love plants, and everything finds a good home.

SO if you have anything you would like to give to the new jungle in Red Oak Trees (umm like red buds!) Are always great to add to the little mix here.

My little Black Mimosa is not looking very good at the moment - gorwing great but in full sun the leaves look very green to me... I think I got ripped off on this one.


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Hi everyone, I'll bring:

Hensen cherries, crape myrtles, ground cover bamboos, Japanese blood grass, golden rain trees, red roses, butterfly gingers, cannas, cutting Persian shields (if requested.)

Water plants: elephant ears, water hyacinths, tall umbrella palms, arrow heads, pickerals, water lilies (if requested.)

House plants: tourist trees, pregnant onions, geranium.

Herbs: lemon grass, basils, Vietnamese "rau ram", taro, spinach.

Lots of luffa sponges and seeds.

Tina, I can use some of your plastic seed baggies if you have plenty to spare. I still have my collected seeds in 1 big bag :)

Sylvia, do we still meet at the same spot as last spring swap? I don't remember if there are any tables for us to put foods on. If not, let me know, I'll bring a small one.

I don't know what to bring for lunch. There are many ppl bringing cookies already so maybe i'll bring meats :) chicken wings or sausace, meat balls.... hehhe.


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yay! glad you can make it!

I think the spring swap was the one that we had to have closer to the road because the trail into the park was closed for construction. or something.

but it's the same place we've had the swaps before:
go along the trail just past the gazebo & there's lots of room to set things up.

there are picnic tables in the area too.

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weldontx(z 8a TX)

yoyo, I'd like some lemon grass. You'll have to see what I have when I get there--sorry. Hope you will be there until after 2 p.m.

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Weldon, you got it.
I can't wait to see you all tomorrow.

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