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hmhausman(FL 10B)July 22, 2011

We had one of our regular mango tastings this week and a mango growing aquaintance popped into the office to participate. He also brought a couple of mangoes with him. One was the Ivory mango. It looked like this: From July 22, 2011

It was larger than I expected. Smooth virtually fiber free flesh and a nice sweet flavor. It didn't have much compexity to it, but that did not diminish its good taste. It was in everyone's top three in this particular tasting but clearly was second fiddle to Dot with everyone there and behind Valencia Pride with about half of the tasters. Also on the table was Golden Lippens, Gold Nuggett, Hatcher, Lancetilla, Kent and an unknown one my friend brought. Overall, there was not a bad mango in the group, so it was pretty close in terms of overall eating enjoyment. From July 22, 2011

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Hi Harry

How did your Lancetilla rank??


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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

man, you guys are killing me!!!!! Boy what a party.....

This waiting (for ripening) is the worst part of course....MD

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What?? your Manilas havent ripen???? I though by now you would only have a few stragglers. Hasnt it been 115F the last month in PS???


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hmhausman(FL 10B)

Sorry for torturing you Gary.....actually, by this time in the season I start to have mango-itis. That's inflamation caused by eating too many mangoes. Not really, but there does come a point when I start to get "mangoed out."

JF: Lancetilla was quite good. It ranked in the middle of the pack for the mangoes we were tasting that particular day. You have to remember, the mango trees I purchased over the years have all been rated "excellent" for eating/flavor quality or they have been raved about by someone I thought had sufficient mango knowledge/experience for me to rely on their judgment and go get that particular variety. If I were ranking the tasting table we had that day as pictured, the Dot was a good solid 9.5 (that is about as good as a rating as I give as I think there always has to be some hope left in one's mind that there still could be a mango somewhere that is even better). I would rate the Valencia Pride, Ivory and Lancetilla hovering in the 8.5-9.0 area. The Kent and Golden Lippens were solid 8.5's and the unknown mango and Gold Nuggett brought up the rear as hovering between 8.0 and 8.5. I use the hovering rating method as different parts of a particular mango can actually be better/worse than other parts. For reference, I rank Ataulofo (Champagne) mangoes that you can readily buy in the store as varying between 4.0 to around 6.0 on their best day.

Tony (SWRancher) brought up a point in another thread about the Ivory mango possibly being the same as Tog Bi Con (which I also have). I bought it at the Broward RFVC sale about 1 1/2 years ago. It was one of the very few mango trees (of any size) that did not bloom this year. By not blooming, it really had a very nice growth spurt and I'll see next year what the fruit looks like on it. I bought the tree because Murray Corman (Garden of Delights) said that it was an excellent, very sweet mango....very late and looked kind of like a banana. Here's the leaves on the two for comparison.

Tog Bi Con: From July 22, 2011

Ivory: From July 22, 2011

Not sure one can draw any definite conclusions....but I certainly cannot exclude the possiblity that they are the same.


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Mango sampling looks interesting and very tasty. :)

The Ivory and the Tog Bi Con does look quite similar.

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As harry has hinted at elsewhere, I adore this fruit! I am one who enjoys complex flavours and also sweetness. The Ivories I had were straight sweet and delicate, nothing complex yet divine. Of course I've planted the seed...

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hmhausman(FL 10B)

Jeff Hagen and his wife (whom, for those who have not met her, is a fruit enthusiast to the nth degree) stopped by yesterday and I showed him my Ivory mango (that I got from him) and the Tog Bi Con mango that I got from Broward Rare Fruit Council. Since he saw the Ivory tree, in fruit at the Fruit and Spice Park, I was interested in his thoughts on the comparison. My Tog Bi Con is much larger than the grafted Ivory at this point. However, upon first glance, Jeff was pretty sure that the Tog Bi Con leaves and canopy structure were pretty unique and exactly what he remembered about the Ivory at the F&S Park. So, until proven otherwise, with this coming year's bloom and crop, I am going to assume they are the same.


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HAHAHAHAHA Yah my wife can't see a seed without wanting to plant it. I have to reign her in a bit when she visits the Harry Farm :-).

Pretty funny that there are two trees under the same name.. like the Young / Tebow problem.

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