Looking for container Mango growing medium info

misterrandyJuly 27, 2010

Am new to this forum, avid gardener living in Lafayette, LA. I recently purchased Lancetilla and Nam Doc Mai mangoes and am looking to repot them in 25 gallon containers(I have a 3 year old avocado tree looking good in the ground). One source suggested a peat moss mix as a growing medium and others coconut husk chips or coir(mixed with compost). Any help or links are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

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I use equal parts pine bark fines, turface, perilite and then I throw in just a little peat to hold a little extra water. Seems to work pretty well.

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Hi Misterrandy,
I like Jsvand's mix. I learned the hard way. Much better to have a mix that drains quickly then a mix that takes too much time to drain and then you end up with root rot. Probobly with all the heat you have, it would dry up much faster.

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dont use compost in containers, it will turn the soil into muck and contribute to an unhealthy rotting root system

container growing is more like hydroponic growing than in ground growing, use a well draining medium and rely on liquid fertilizers

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enduser(9a Tampa)

I use the "Jungle Growth flower and vegetable" mix from lowes. Notice that this is not the "potting mix" version that holds excessive moisture and promotes root fungus. This stuff drains quickly and potted fruit trees love it.

FYI make sure that the pot has drain holes that are on the sides and not just on the bottom. If the pot has holes on the bottom only and you place it in an area with excessive moisture such as on top of mulch, or lay it on a flat surface like a concrete patio, or if it gets blocked by containments, the water or the excessive moisture retained in the pot will kill the plant. I learned this valuable lesson the hard way at the expense of loosing 3 mango trees until I realized what was happening.

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