Poor Drainage

ElmaGuy(z5 NY)June 1, 2005

I have a big problem with drainage. When I bought my house not too long ago, a new septic system was put in. the lady that owned the house had her sump pump going directly into the septic system. The washing machine drains into the sump well as well. So, one day, I disconnected the sump pump from the septic system and ran a new PVC line so it could drain away from the house. However, now I have lots of standing water. I thought it would be absorbed into the ground, but it didn't.

I dug a hole in that area to see what the soil consisted of. To my dismay, the entire area is hard clay. I have no idea how deep it goes.

I would really like to rent a ditch witch and run 2' deep french drains using stone and 4" perforated drainage tubing. I want to run about 200 feet of it (I have 1.5 acres of gently sloping land), but I am afraid that it will eventually fill to capacity due to the lack of my soil's absorptive abilities. Obviously, this would be a big problem in the winter time, especially if any part of the french drain system freezes.

Have any of you had a problem like this? How was it rectified? Anyone have any suggestions?

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gottagarden(z5 western NY)

SInce you didn't have a problem before, can't you put it back to the way it was?

You may want to work with a plumber or planner. Some gardeners might have suggestions, but unfortunately that kind of engineering is out of my league, and probably many others here. Perhaps you can find a forum for construction that might be more helpful. Sorry I'm not any help.

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ElmaGuy(z5 NY)

it was actually a bigger problem before. My sump was emptying into my sand filter. When we had rain, the sand filter became overwhelmed and saturated a half an acre of my backyard. I had to get a septic guy out here to fix it.

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