HAVE: Fall Plant Swap- Austin/San Antonio Oct 18

chargreen(TX/Aus)September 20, 2008

The Austin/San Antonio plant swap will be on Saturday, Oct. 18. The Buda park was not available. The fall swap will be held at a members home between Kyle and Buda.

If you did not receive an evite and want to attend please email me so I can add you to the list.

List your haves and wants here.

Hope to see everyone at the swap!


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Hope to see our usual friendly traders at our new location. If Valerie reads this, I have a sprekelia for you that I promised in the spring, & I have a couple of trailing lavender lantana for Ron. I can bring several varieties of brugmansia cuttings if anyone tells me to, also have 1 cardamon, 4 white Althea diana, a blood lily & probably other plants as I pot them. I would love to take home some gingers or caudiciform (?) cacti if you have any.

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txbeyer(Zone 8b/9a)

Hi everyone, I can list some haves (things I plan to bring)at this time. They include:
Weigela florida variegata (variegated Weigela)
Citrus limon variegata (a yellow variegated lemon)
Plenty of Trychtis formosana 'gilt edge' (variegated toad lily) for the shady garden
Variegated mondo grass (Ophiopogon)
Huernia confusa (a tiny stepeliad with incredible bloom)
various colorful semi-hardy plants (e.g. durantas, variegated turks cap)
Lots of Bulbine (yellow and orange bloom)
Also, look at my plant collection list at www.southeasttexasgardening.info/plantlist.htm and if there is anything there you particularly desire, inquire - I just might have it available to bring.

Bob from NW Austin

Here is a link that might be useful: Southeast Texas Gardening

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txbeyer(Zone 8b/9a)


I can provide Alpinia formosana 'pinstripe' for you since you are interested in getting some gingers. I will have Hedychium 'Dr Moy' available next spring - just divided and gave away a lot of it to a neighbor. Google these by the botanical names for more info about them.

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I will also bring some hedychiums. I have coronarium, kinkaku and Tai Golden Goddess. Would love to have brugs, toad lily, cardamon, blood lily. I also have crocosmia lucifer bulbs & elephant ears. Need to work on potting to be sure of what I can bring. I'll figure it out & post again later. Looking forward to it.
Deirdre in Sunset Valley

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Deirdre, I would love to have the kinkaku & Tai Golden Goddess hedychiums & I will bring the cardamom, brug cuttings & blood lily for you. Bob, thanks for offering your gingers. I already have both so someone else can claim them.

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Bob, Any chance you have heliconia you want to bring? I have plumeria cutting that looks like the one on your list, just not identified. It flowers white with yellow eye. Brought it back from Hawaii.

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txbeyer(Zone 8b/9a)

Dierdre, Yes, I can bring divisions of Helicona latispatha (aka hardy heliconia) for you. I also would like Tai Golden Goddess and Kinkaku Hedychiums. If you want a Dr. Moy (variegated Hedichium with peach blooms), I can spare only one but will provide it for you.

If anybody has Philodendron Xanadu (a small leafed, lobed philodendron)that you can spare a division or piece of, I would like to have this.

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Hi Deirdre, Could you set aside a few of the Lucifer crocosmia for me ? They're the red ones, right ? I haven't put my HAVE list together yet, but I hope I have something you might want. I can also bring you brug cuttings, and may have a potted one. I just promised one to an Ike gardener, who lost hers, but if I have another, you can have it.

I was going to email you directly, but I didn't see your email address when I clicked on your "page" here. Please email me directly, since I don't come to this webpage much, and let me know you got this message.

When I come back home, I'll check emails and also get you a list of what I can bring. I was going to offer you cardamom, but see that someone else is bringing that for you.

thanks very much !


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txbeyer(Zone 8b/9a)

In addition to what I have already posted, I will have Agave lophanta (aka A. univitata) 'variegata' pups to offer at the swap. This is a relatively small and colorful Agave.

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txbeyer(Zone 8b/9a)

Does anyone have Eucalyptus cinerea to share at the plant swap? This is not the lemon scented Eucalyptus that someone brought to the Spring swap, but the rounded sessile leafed bluish silver Eucalyptus that is supposed to be the most cold hardy species. If so, it's on my want list. Thanks

Bob in Austin.

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brarygrl(z8 TX)

Hi Y'all, looks like I can come after all - my family plans were canceled. But of course, since I didn't think I could come I don't have very many plants ready to go. I do have a variety of clay pots and stuff though (I finally organized my shed and am only keeping what I really need) so I'll bring that stuff.

I'd love to get grasses (bamboo muhly, inland sea oats, mexican feather grass), lantana or turkscap. I'm trying to fill in a few beds with the toughest of the tough!

Can't wait to see everyone!

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chispazo(z8 AusTX)

Yipee about the sprekelia! Thanks!! I have boring stuff by comparison to y'all....jasmine mesnyi, Madame Galen trumpet vine, flame acanthus, passiflora incarnata, and a Bauhinia sp (lg wh flower, with double row of thorns on branches). Upon request, I can dig up Viguera stenoloba (skeleton leaf daisy), aspidistra (plain old green), obedient plant, Russellia red firecracker, 4 oclocks, and old fashioned two tone purple iris. This is what survived the summer in my yard!

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I have the inland sea oats that I was planning to dig up anyway. Will bring loads. I'll see what else I have. I plan to bring mostly bulbs, rhizomes and corms. Right now I have iris, narcissus, crocrosmia & oxlalis. I'm not through digging. As usual, I will bring the sausage & rice and a door prize or two. It will be good to see everyone again.

Carla in Leander

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Hey Everyone ! Sorry I don't have a HAVE list yet. Just got back from New Mexico and I'm still doing laundry !!

Friday I'll be packing boxes, but won't have my usual inventory. Still, I hope to have something for everyone.

I'll probably have a couple of old roses, night blooming jasmine (from cuttings courtesy of Roselee), different kalanchoe succulents, sanseveria, crinum, a few grasses (now those will go to Lindsey since I see those on her want list), maybe a few yellow Texas Bird of Paradise, and confederate roses. Also, some sort of senna, and mimosas.

So, if, so far, there's anything there you want, please email me directly instead of posting here. I might not have time to look up GardenWeb, but I will most probably see my email before I come. I work tomorrow, so I'll have to do everything on Friday.

See everyone soon !! Looking forward to it !


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Did a quick inventory. Here's what I'm thinking of bringing so far. Many of these are limited, so if you're interested let me know. Some I may not bring if I don't get a pre-arranged trade, just because they are larger plants.

copper canyon daisy
night blooming jasmine
night blooming cereus
different kalanchoes
young sanseveria
vick's plant (plectranthus)
artillery fern
angelwing begonia
confederate rose
yellow Texas Price of Barbados
Texas dogwood
asparagus fern
elephant ears
old mans pipe
african hosta
castor bean
passion vine
spider plants
cissus quadrangularis
plectranthus cuban oregano
moses in boat
yellow flag iris
rose cecile brunner
salvia microphylla
coral bean
trumpet vine


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chispazo(z8 AusTX)

I would like aristolochia fimbriata if anyone has extra. Thanks!

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I haven't posted here before, some will know me by Marasri from other sites. I went to the plant Swap 2 years ago Spring and met several of you then. I will be going to this Plant Swap. Here is my list of haves.- Mara
orange Bulbine
Dames Rocket
aristolochia Fimbriata
Bilbergia Windii (I think)
Nolina lindheimrii
tootheache tree
epiphylum oxypetulum
Pedelanthus macrocarpus
black foot daisy and 4 nerve daisy (only if you ask and I will dig them up )
Big bend Snapdragon vine
pink snap dragon vine (Utah) related to our blue snap dragon vine
Mex. wire grass seedlings
Inland sea oats grass. (some plants but LOTS of seed)
Bamboo muhly has not seeded yet but it will
muhlenbergia lindhemerii seed, maybe some plants ( i will be digging them up so ask me)..
For diedre I have lavedar seed and seedlings and some Yellow datura seed. I will be bringing many native seeds, too many to list. I came home with more in my pockets today.

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txbeyer(Zone 8b/9a)

Hi everyone,

As I prepared for tomorrow, I will summarize my have list (things I will bring). Also, last chance to visit my plant list to see if I am able to provide anything you want on it. There are a lot of other plants I can offer by special request. see link reference to this posting.

I have also expanded my Want List.

Dwarf Dendrobium orchid 'Betty Nakada'
Orchid - Ludesia discolor (the black leafed orchid)
Lonicera japonica 'aurestiata' - variegated honeysuckle
Emphorbia (pencil plant - 'Sticks on Fire')
Variegated Opuntia cactus
A unique variegated Kalanchoe (plenty of it)
Euphorbia hybrid (E. rossii x E. bosseri
Weigela florida variegata (variegated Weigela)
Citrus limon variegata (a yellow variegated lemon)
Plenty of Trychtis formosana 'gilt edge' (variegated toad lily) for the shady garden
Huernia confusa (a tiny stepeliad with incredible bloom)
Agave lophanta (aka A. univitata) 'variegata'

SPECIFIC WANTS: (Does anyone have any of these to spare?)
Eucalyptus cinerea
Philodendron Xanadu (a small leafed, lobed philodendron)
Myrica pusilla(the dwarf wax myrtle)
Heucera (different varieties)
Echinocactus texanis - Horse Crippler cactus

Bob from Austin

Here is a link that might be useful: Bob's Plant Inventory

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Looking forward to seeing everyone at the swap.
The weather looks perfect and we are going to have a great swap.

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Thank you to Charlotte for always doing such a good job of organizing our swap meets and thanks to Margie for hosting us. I am always so surprised at the variety of plants everyone brings and everyone's generosity. Nice to see you again RedThistle, hope you will come back again as a regular. I traded almost everything I brought which makes me a happy camper.

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As always, it's great to see everyone and meet new people. Thanks to Margie for having us. Thanks to everyone who donated toward the door prizes which were received with glee ! And last but not least, thank you Charlotte for doing what you do. Thanks also to Curt !! A sweetie of the best kind !

I don't always have negative things to say, and when I do, I don't always verbalize them. However, I want to mention something that really bothered me. When I got home, I noticed that some plants were gone, which I didn't remember anyone asking for. Meaning: people took plants off the table without asking for them. Now, most of you know me and you know that I will give you anything I have. All I've ever wanted was to be asked first. I even have a sign on my table saying to find me if you're interested in something. I might be on the other side of the room telling someone I have a _______ plant for them, and then get to my table and find it gone. Or, as in the case yesterday, I brought a pot of rain lily bulbs. They weren't potted. They were loose, so that people could take a few bulbs and leave some for others. Someone must have taken the whole container. Which would have been fine, if no one else had wanted any, but I also wanted to keep the pot I had them in. I'm short on pots right now and wanted to hold onto whatever I could. But the person did not ask. If they had, I could have told them I wanted to keep the pot.

This is a plant SWAP.... not a plant TAKE. I do not always need a plant in return. Often, I may already have what someone else is offering. There were some people I did not receive a plant from yesterday, and that's fine with me. But if you want something of mine, please, pretty please, all you have to do is ask.

As a courtesy to everyone who attends these swaps, please take the time to find the person who owns the plants, and ask them if you can have the plant you crave, and offer something from your own table. After all, that's one reason we wear name tags.


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