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abbrealJune 30, 2007

i belong to numerous garden boards all over the place. i really hate it when people buy nursery plants stick them in the ground in full bloom and claim they grew them! i am seriously considering dropping one board i belong to. just two weeks ago one member of this board who claims to be a master gardener posted pictures of a bed and a new trellis she had bought. just five days later she posted pictures of an asiatic lilly in full bloom a very expensive plant. it was not even there the week before in the very same bed. i pulled up pictures and compared them side by side. at least thirty people beleived her and wanted to know how she grew such a beautiful plant and so early in the season. she loves to take exactly what you say and reword it and take credit for any answer or suggestion you might submit especialy mine. i belong to these place to learn and help. i will be the first to admit i am no expert. but love it any way. i have a freind who says you can tell a good gardener not by the green thumb but by the brown knees!

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Oh yea, brown knees, dirty feet and fingernails.

I was in Lowe's last week and saw a women in her 60s decked out in pink overalls, hat, and a purse that was a fabric watering can. I said to her "you must be a serious gardener" and she replied, "Oh yes I am, but don't look at my fingernails". Sure sign of a serious gardener!!

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i took on toots gripted about on hgtv boards. she has this minnie pearl hat(from the grand ole opre)

she is a cheep witch with money period. and thank you for replying

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lol! I like the "brown knees" one (except for me it's filthy nasty fingernails and dirt ground into the crevices of my index fingers and thumb :)

I know what you mean about seeing beautiful plants and gardens that were 'just purchased' and suddenly appear. I do everything the long hard way...

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mme to i compost and start from seed. a lot of my plants are rescues and clippings. my hands are caloused and rough. my back aches but i enjoy it even though it half kills me in spring and summer.i have been collecting plants for fifteen years. every place i have lived my plants went with me.nothing makes me happier than seeing my flowers bloom. it makes me forget the hard work i did to get them blooms in the first place. i truley dont understand people that buy a potted plant and stick it in the ground and take credit for growing it.

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