WANTED: Galveston County Plant Swap Picnic List

meb_lady(9)September 21, 2006

Hi gardeners! The plant swap is September 30. So far, here is the list of picnic items that we have and what we need to make our barbeque successful. If you are coming, we would like you to contribute an item for our picnic. You can contact Mary Ellen at meb53@houston.rr.com or Margie at mjenke@verizon.net to let us know what you would like to bring. Hope to see everyone there! It will be a blast! A ton of plants! A silent auction, a free barbeque, a 50/50 drawing, a free cycle table with old gardening items for the taking, and new this swap is a designated table outside the pavilion where there will be free plants for the taking! Hope to see everyone there. It will be fun!


(3 packs of 24)Hamburger patties-Laura (1 pack of 24), Jim & Pat (1 pack of 24)

Rita & CJ (1 pack of 24)

(8 packages)Hamburger buns-Vicky(2)

Soy burgers-Margie

(4 packs)Hotdogs-Keith(1), Patti(3)




(4 packages)Hotdog buns-Keith(1), Patti(3)




Sweet Relish-Pepa

Potato salad-Terri

Yankee Barbequed beans-M.E.

Deviled Eggs-Anne (2 dozen)

(5 bags)Chips- (1)Judy (2)Lorraine (2)Pepa

BBQ utensils-Billy

Plastic forks, knives, spoons-

Paper plates-Julie

Plastic drinking cups-Patti


(2 if 24 to a pack)CheeseÂsingle slices & (2)shredded

Ice-Terri, Tally

(6 packs if 12 to a pack)Sodas-Julie(1) (2 pepsi) Tally


Charcoal starter-Billy

Cookies- Sue, Pepa

(2)Coolers-Ted & Tally

Dessert-Tally, Judy, Laura

Bottle water 4 cases- (1) Julie (2)Tally (1)Mary Ellen

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sunny43(Z 6 Pa.)

Amanda will be bringing the chopped onions

    Bookmark   September 24, 2006 at 9:27AM
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sunny43(Z 6 Pa.)

Rita and CJ will be bringing a 24 pack of hamburger

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