WANTED: American Beautyberry/Callicarpa americana

corona9(8 TX)September 15, 2007

Is anyone familiar with American Beautyberry/Callicarpa americana? It's a berry bush that we've seen at two county rest areas. The attendant couldn't share any info on it. I would like to include this plant in my backyard but other than knowing that it needs full sun or partial shade, I also need to know if it's invasive like taking over the entire garden. Any tips???

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astresing(Zone 8)

American Beautyberry bushes grow wild all over my property. This year they are spectacular. The rain has allowed them to keep their leaves, and the berries are plump and profusely covering the plants. From what I've seen of the plants in the wild, they will tolerate a wide variety of conditions. They seem to get the most berries when they are in full sun, but the will grow as an understory plant. In the full sun, they will probably need supplemental water in a residential landscape. In the wild, they tend to loose their leaves in August if it's too dry. The bare branches keep hold the berries for quite a while. The birds seems to like the berries, so it's pretty common for baby beauty berries to pop up here and there. I wouldn't call them invasive. If you don't want the babies that pop up from the seeds, they are easy enough to get rid of.

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corona9(8 TX)

Thanks Astresing. I think I have just the spot for this shrub now that I know what to expect.

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