Ataulfo Mango?....

ajaysr5July 15, 2009

I bought a case of Ataulfo mango at a local asian store,The asian store had it as manila mango and when i read the tagged it said Ataulfo mango.Is Ataulfo mango and Manila mango the same kind?.............I will plant all the seeds and use the Ataulfo mango as a rootstock when i graft some of my trees next year?....Also can you use Ataulfo mango as rootstock to anykink of mango?...example julie mango if i use ataulfo rootstock and a julie cuttings what fruit will come out,would it be still julie also? is a few pic of the mango,very very sweet and fiberless.

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I believe they are the same or extremely close to the manila. The scion is what decides what type of mango a tree produces. The rootstock has no effect on that.

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By far my favorite tasting mango's sweet and fiberless. Back in the day they were labeled manila but the name had to be changed due to trademark infringements the filipinos have the rights to the manila mango name. Although the ataulfo is a direct descendant of the manila mango atleast that what I read on the net. I have grown a few from seed most of them grew more than one shoot. Have one that just germinated this week, they grow pretty quick.

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Ataulfo is the same thing as the 'champagne mango'. Its a seedling race that originated in the Phillipines and was brought from there to Mexico and eventually cross bred with other varieties to the point that it became its own variety. Its not the same thing as Manila. Manila, Ataulfo, Fairchild and Philipine,along with the varieties found in Haiti, are all separate varieties that got their start either in the caribbean islands or central America; most of these 'seedling races' are polyembryonic (owing to their east-Asian roots), but for some reason Fairchild is not.

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zands(10b Fl)

Ataulfo Mango...wish I could buy a sapling. Looks like can be grown from seed? Poly-embryonic?

I ate one yesterday. Was the best store bought mango I've eaten in few years. They ship well. Was a bit acidic instead of sweet due to not being picked at real ripeness. But still a 9 on a 10 scale

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I gladly buy Mexican grown ataulfo/champagne mangos by the case from fruit stands and flea markets here in season. theyre excellent with cottage cheese

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zands(10b Fl)


First time I ever saw this legendary mango in a market. Now I will be on the lookout for them... by the case

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hmhausman(FL 10B)

Costco and Whole Foods Market have them all the time now. Today the ones in Costco were green in color, 6 to a package. I didn't buy any.


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zands(10b Fl)

For you the green ones were picked too early to ever pan out. Where I got Atulafu they were yellow and in a pile. Some had skin that was drying out with little wrinkles. I like fruit past its prime, overripe fruit, better than under ripe

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picked green I think they ripen more sour then sweet. when i find them perfectly ripe is when i usually buy the whole case. ataulfos get over ripe quick and turn brown and wrinkled, never put them in the fridge.

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I really like the Mexican grown ones but all of the South american ones I have ever eaten were pretty worthless.

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I went back to the L.A's. wholesale market early Friday morning and this time all of the warehouses were open and I had a better selection of Ataulfo's not the leftover ones. I paid $6 for 14 mangos. I just came back from CostCo they had 6 Ataulfos for $5.50.

Product of Mexico

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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

Why JF - I do declare!

You are the Mango-hunting KING of the forum!

That ataulfo looks royally delishous........the saliva's
dripping off my lips.....

And by the way, I'm not exactly sure where the latino section of Palm Springs would be in order to find where the mangos grow - I think you have to have a radar or something - maybe when you come out for a visit you can set up your equipment...I guess I could ask the housekeeper - although she's always asking very slyly about MY manilas!!!!!!!!!



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zands(10b Fl)

Those Atualfos are at the peak of perfection. And for such a lo price. Why not plant a few seeds. They must be poly-embryonic can grow true.

MangoHund >>> Housekeepers love mangoes. I gave a friend's Haitian housekeeper 20 backyard mangoes and she was in exctasy

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MangoDog -

Break out your Castilian dictionary and go to work. Mexico is the Mango Capital of the world. They are very proud and have a strong tradition of growing mangos. Each family passes down the mango seed from generation to generation and they compete with their neighbors. Many have brought their seeds to California, all you have to do to connect is HABLA ESPANOL, and of course, take a trip to Santa Ana.

Zands -

I have an Ataulfo from one of those seeds from Mexico but according to the nurseries in Merida, Mexico they don't come true to seed you have to graft them. Can anyone verify this?


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