WANTED: Want to trade for Potato/Multiplier Onions, Have Egyptia

tejas55(8a)October 28, 2010

I have a large amount of Egyptian walking (tree) onions to trade for potato onions ("multiplier" onions). Any amount, hopefully large. Now would be a great time to be planting either. Egyptian onions are not a sweet onion and can be rather hot and they don't get huge but they multiply like crazy. First of all, the parent plant muliplies into a large clump of onions. Secondly, they produce clusters of babies at the top of the stalk and these babies make their own leaves and those babies even make their own babies. All these babies can be replanted. They are hardy even in Canada. I planted my very small bulbs last November 1 and they were sprouting leaves in 3 days. They survived our very frigid winter and made a huge amount of babies in spring 2010. You'll have onions and green onions year round no matter where you live. The grasshoppers ate them all to the ground this summer but keep on putting out new leaves.

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