WANTED: Strawberry Guava plant or seed

nana_7bOctober 17, 2010

I have regular guava seed and seedlings as well as other plants to trade.

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Nana, the strawberry guava is on the list of 100 worst non-native invasive species in the state of Texas. Apparently because they are such prolific plants and they also have chemicals in the plant that kill and prevent other plants from growing nearby they are strongly discouraged from growing here. Since they are subtropical plants, native to the Pacific coast of Brazil I don't see how they can even grow here except in homes and greenhouses. But they do enough harm to be a threat to native endangered species. If you do find one I hope you are able to keep it isolated from other plants and from the birds outdoors or the seed will get spread and you don't want that to happen. Cheryl

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Wow Seamommy, that is the first time I hear that. I grew up in a home with several guava trees (differant varieties) and many people have them in there homes down here and I have never heard that. I can say though that thinking back, the ground around them was pretty bare, but only a couple feet around the plant. They are still in my mother's yard, although she has know passed away and still I don't find seedlings anywhere. I do have seeds to one that is so sweet and delicious and has the shape of a pear. it does not smell bad at all and the fruit only gives off about 3-4 seeds instead of a the usuall thousand. I will have to rethink where I should plant that tree when I do grow it. Thanks for that info. Josie

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I didn't know it either until I googled it. When I saw that Nana wanted one, and it sounded so delicious I was wondering, 'do I want one too?' But when I saw that info I was shocked.

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