Dead Moles

pjalst(Z5 Albany NY)June 21, 2006

In the past two weeks I found two dead moles laying on my lawn. I'm not upset about losing them, I'm just curious about what the cause of their death is. They don't look chewed up or anything, so I think and animal got to them. anyone have any ideas?

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kareen(z5 NY Renss.Co.)

I wonder if there is poison of some sort in your area that they got into. If you contact NYS department of environmental conservation , they may be able to give you more info. Let us know if you find the culprit.

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Several years ago I also found several dead moles. They were found very close to their holes. Because it had been a very wet summer, and we had just had a gully washer, I decided that they must have aspirated too much water in their burrows. Have you had a lot of rain prior to finding them?


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adirondackgardener(Western Maine)

Well, the upstairs neigbor's cat has a knack for killing small animals without leaving a mark on them, as if that would make me feel better when I find them waiting for me outside my door. I've also found several moles over the past year that I assume fell victim to this tidy murderer.

Maybe you have one like that in your neighborhood.


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hammerl(z5-6 Amherst NY)

My scottie has killed moles without leaving a mark on them, so it could be the work of a stray dog, as well.

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