Just got a Keitt Mango tree for $40!

winstella(10b los angeles)July 16, 2014

I live in the San Gabriel valley of Los Angeles. What are my chances with this tree?? I can't put it in the ground bc we are moving soon so it has to stay in a container. So excited!

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It will be OK in a pot for awhile, but would really like to be in the ground. It's a very tasty late season mango - has a nice reddish blush to it.

When and where you moving too?


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San Gabriel is a valley and traps good summer heat and mild winter; I think the mango will be happy. I personally think Kent is taste better than Keit. I also think MangoDog was thinking about Kent, not Keit, since Keit has no reddish blush on ripe fruit. Keit is sure a late harvest but it tastes a little blain to me. One of my friend had relatives worked in the big mango orchard in Palm Spring desert and they gave us huge fresh pick Keit, and I would think those fruits were as best as they could be, but I was not impressed with its taste. Sorry to say this. I'm interested how Keit taste when eating green though, maybe it's an option for eating green.


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Here is the link to California desert Keit mango

You can see the fruit has almost no red blush, but I see plenty of red on Pine nursery Keit description. Perhaps it's due to the climate.


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