mudlady_gw(Syracuse-z5)June 10, 2013

I LOVE lupine and deliberately travel to Maine in the spring to enjoy the way it flourishes along roadside banks. I live in Conquest (Port Byron address, between Auburn and Syracuse) and I and a friend have had no real success keeping it growing. I have bought mature, flowering plants from Dickman's in Auburn and also from the Phoenix Flower Farm. I have also tried seeds with no germination. I know Mane's soil is acid and mine isn't, but a few gardeners do manage to keep it going. I know the seeds have to be allowed to mature and drop to the ground for self seeding. I have had regrowth from one year to the next, but then the plant fails. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm no expert on lupines! but I have had the best success with the native blue vs any fancy Russell hybrids. I also know that they don't like to be transplanted, so if I do move them I water them well every day. I believe they will also succumb to overly-wet winter conditions -- so don't plant where they'll sit in wet ground and then freeze hard. They're picky for me too, but I have blue ones blooming now and they were self-sown. :)

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So glad you posted about lupines. I've really wanted to get some for a perimeter around the vegetable garden; but if they're picky, they're not the perennial for me.

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booberry, the best perennial perimeter I've ever seen used around a veg garden is BEARDED IRIS!!! They don't require lots of water, take very little space, and make a pretty and neat-looking edging.

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Part of the eastern boarder of my veggie garden is irises! Thanks for the recommendation. It's always good to have confirmation!

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