mulberry grafting season ?

greenman62July 12, 2014

I have a wild mulberry - about 25ft tall
(Morus Alba i think)
and i want to get some cuttings from a Morus Nigra to graft onto it.

Someone told me you can only graft in early spring ?
Or, maybe they did not want to cut their tree
except for at that time ???

Can i graft in july ?

To me, these things grow like weeds, i dont see why not ?

Does anyone have a mulberry i can get cuttings ?
(will pay for shipping)

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Are you in palm beach county or further north? I'm in North Broward and you can take all the cuttings you want from mine if you ever get down here.

I never get to a mail facility so that's out.

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wish i were. i love Fla :)
I am in New Orleans La.

Would you happen to know if i can graft in the summer or fall ?
i may buy a couple of cuttings on Ebay. i saw some for sale

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