Lychee seeds are sprouting

bananafanJuly 3, 2009

I've been sprouting some lychee seeds and I've been wondering what will become of them. I've heard some saying that they won't fruit, or if they fruit at all, 7-10 years from planting and with low quality fruit. Of course, I don't have any high expectations for these seedlings and I'm just growing them for fun. I also sprouted sone longan seeds last year and many of them sprouted and a couple of them are now 2 ft tall. Has anyone of you sprouted lychees or longans from seeds and how far have you gone with your planting?

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what germination method did you use on the lychee seeds? Longans germinate quite easily.

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I usually germinate my seeds on wet paper towels in a sealed plastic food container. Then I place the container on my computer cpu to get some heat from it. With or without heat, most of the seeds I've experimented with sprouted that way.

I managed to sprout some Rambutan seeds that way too, but unfortunately Rambutan seeddlings are hard to keep alive. Even though i have got 7-8 seedlings, they eventually all shriveled up. That said, most of the fun is making them sprout and if they stay alive, it's nice to see them grow too.

If you're planning to sprout some lychee seeds, give it a try and post when you get some results.

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They may take a long time, but if you manage to keep them alive you should eventually get fruit. As for the taste, no one can say. They could be better than the original fruit, or they could be worse. Only one way to find out. I have a little lychee seedling going right now. It in it's second year and about 2 foot tall. I have an additional rootstock grafted to it hoping it would seed up the growth, but I don't have anything to compare it to so I am not sure if it is helping.

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Cool gonna give that a try just bought three pounds of sweetheart lychees today cost me 4 bucks for 3 pounds. So lots of seeds, wich seeds sould i try it on the chicken toungue ones or just the bigger ones.

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Definitely the bigger ones, the chicken tougues are not fully formed seeds and there is only a small chance of them being likely to sprout.

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jsvand, I'm glad to hear you've got one 2 ft lychee growing. I would like to try grafting some of my lychee seedlings at some point. How big should they be before you do the grafting and what sort of root stocks do you use for grafting lychees? Presently, I have a sour orange (I think). I found it growing wild in the yard left by the previous owner. I wonder if I could use it to graft the lychee onto it.

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nelson20, I agree with dragontrainer about the larger seeds. I have a couple of chicken tongues and so far they haven't sprouted--only the larger ones sprouted. I'm glad you're going to sprout them. If I were you, I would throw the whole bunch of seeds into the sprouting container because not all will sprout. I would also wash the seeds thoroughly and get rid of all the flesh otherwise they may get moldy. If that happens, I wash them again to prevent from rotting. Have fun and post when you get some results.

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Thanks bananafan I will do that, had bad luck with all my rambutan's guess I didnt wash them good enough they all germinated after a week I checked on them and were covered with little white worms and these tiny little white insects no idea what they were all the seeds rotted. I have atleast 30 of the larger seeds from the lychee's will try half in soil and the other half in the paper towel baggie method.

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Hey, sorry for reviving an old thread, but I, too, have just got some lychee seeds to sprout. What sort of care do they require? Like, in terms of moisture levels. Should I let the soil dry out at all between waterings, or should I keep it constantly moist till they're more established? I'm assuming consistently moist, but I'm a little concerned about rot. Potting mix they're in should be fairly airy though I can't recall what exactly I put in it.

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hmhausman(FL 10B)

Lychees are not that particular as far as sprouting. Any decent well drained soil will do. They like lots of moisture, but avoid allowing them to be in a flood. I have them popping up everywhere I throw the remnants of my lychee feasts or in the mulch pile where we throw organic scraps including lychee seeds. I have one Emperor lychee seedling that I grew in a pot for a few years. Then, I planted it in the yard and am waiting for my first fruit. It has only been about 15 years, but I am still waiting patiently.....well, maybe not so patiently, but I am still waiting. I have had much better luck with a Kohala longan seedling, that was about the same age and is fruiting for the first time this year. Here's a shot of it:


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