Mushrooms in lawn.

mudlady_gw(Syracuse-z5)June 8, 2013

I live in Conquest (Port Byron zip code) which is between Syracuse and Auburn. I am in farm country and mow 2 acres of "lawn" which is what I call the green stuff that was nice enough to grow in what used to be a field of alfalfa and soy beans. It is definitely not a beautiful, manicured lawn, but I do mow it all during the growing season. We have had a lot of rain and now symmetrical little white mushrooms are everywhere. I am concerned because my new dog eats all kinds of non dog food items. She loves the clumps of mud and grass throw out by the mower. That is bad enough but now she has shown an interest in the mushrooms. I saw her eat one several hours ago but she hasn't developed any symptoms of distress. Part of me says they can't be poisonous or lots of neighborhood dogs would be sick or dead. Still, I would like to identify these mushrooms so I can learn about them. They are storybook like toadstools; smooth, white, symmetrical, rounded caps and slender stems. They are usually small but can grow fairly large. Any help in identification would be appreciated. I don't know how to post a JPEG.

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bernd ny zone5(5)

I do not know the name of this mushroom, but in areas where there are composting roots of former trees in the ground, they come out of my grounds too. There are dogs, cats, squirrels and other animals around and none of them ever died in my suburban half acre lot. You could spray a fungicide over the area where you see these mushrooms.

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We almost lost our 1yr old boxer to a mushroom! Depending on the kind they can and do kill dogs.she spend three days in hosp but made full recovery.If your dog starts excess drooling and shaking get it to a vet ASAP

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