Poor Showing: Lilacs

bloomville(z4 NY)June 16, 2005

This year, my otherwise prolific lilacs bloomed very poorly. They formed buds but then never opened. I am guessing the weather confused them--they seemed to form buds quite late (due to the cold spring?) and then with the very hot and dry weather, I am guessing they didn't have what it took to bloom. Maybe 6-8 puny blossoms on each of several large lilac bushes. The buds are still there, tight and dry.

Has anyone else in upstate NY observed similar problems? Does anyone know why this is happening?

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I had the same thing happen. I live at 1200' elevation, so our spring is behind those down in the valley. You have it right, it was the weather than confused the poor things. Last year we had great blooms. 2 years before that we had a killer frost on May 14 and the following year, 5 inches of snow on May 14! It's a wonder I see the lilacs bloom at all!

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bloomville(z4 NY)

Thanks, Herbalbetty. I feel glad it's not something I did! Will look forward to next spring's lilacs. Funny, my pinxter did great!

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adina72(z5 CNY)

It happened to mine also. I am pretty sure it was that late frost that did mine in. They all bloomed, but seemed to be half the size than normal. I haven't really done much to mine since I planted them, so this year I will be putting wood ashes on them and fertilizing them to give them a good start for next year.

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Me too. There's always next year.

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