Royal Botanical Gardens plant sale?

hammerl(z5-6 Amherst NY)June 22, 2005

Has anyone ever attended the Royal Botanical Gardens plant sale in Hamilton, Ontario, and brought back plants? What's involved? I see something about a phytosanitary certificate to verify the plants have no disease or pest not already in this country, but it's a bit light on info other than that. The government pages have just made my head spin. But the plant list left me drooling, and they have a note on this year's page for US residents that they had an inspector present on the first day of the sale, so it's not an impossible task.


Here is a link that might be useful: Royal Botanical Gardens

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I brought a daylily back from a Daylily Meeting that was held at the RBG's a couple of years ago. Had to pay extra for the Phyto cert. for the plant. Got to the American border and they asked me what I had to declare, when I told them about the plant and gave them their copy of the cert. they weren't really sure what to do with it.

So go ahead, make sure you get your's no big deal since the border people aren't really looking for honest people like us that do what we're supposed to.


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