Can anyone ID this mango?

gnappiJuly 2, 2012

This is the tree that mango thieves like so much. Can anyone identify it?

The fruits are between 5-6" and are between 13-16 ounces. The one in the pic isn't fully ripe, but when it is its a deep yellow with a nearly orange flesh. The seeds are long and rather flat and the flesh is sweet and slightly stringy. They are VERY good tasting. The tree was 3' tall when I arrived here it's about 10' tall with a canopy a bit larger, around 15' now, and it appears as if it has stopped growing for the most part.

This is its second season giving fruit, I do not see an obvious graft line.


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I think may have found it. The previous owners were Haitian, and I think they grew this one from seed, as well as an avocado in my back yard. I found this description on the web it describes my mango to a T.

The Madame Francis grows on small farms throughout Haiti.

Flavor: Rich, spicy and sweet
Texture: Soft, juicy flesh with fibers
Color: Bright yellow skin with green overtones
Shape: Oblong and sigmoid S-shape
Ripening Cues: Green overtones diminish and the yellow becomes more golden as the Francis ripens. Squeeze gently to judge ripeness. Season May-July.

Other descriptions I found:

Waxy skin, managable size, anthracnose tolerance, and can ALSO produce MULTIPLE CROPS in Florida May through January!

Every pic I have seen on the web is exactly like mine, and they are just ripening. Has anyone seen these?

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