My new mango trees

kubi411July 25, 2010

Here are my newest mango trees.

Nam Doc Mai, Choc Anon, and Florigon

I was delighted to find that a local nursery here carried those variety of mangoes and many more, thus I could avoid paying shipping. And the wife won't allow me to drive 4-5 hours to Miami to buy fruit trees. =P

To my horror, my toddler was picking off the leaf flush on the choc anon when I was driving.

The nursery had a bunch of other mango. Which one do you think I should get next or avoid (very cold sensitive)from the choices below? I will not have space limitation once I finish clearing up my land.

Glenn, Mallika, Bombay, Valencia Pride, Lancetilla, Ice Cream, Julie, Fairchild, Carrie.

I currently have in pots: Alphonso, Edward, Pickering, Kent, Keitt, Excel, Haden. (I bought the Kent tree on impulse when I spotted it at Home Depot for the first time. Little did I know that it would grow to 50 feet).

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Kent isn't the only tree on that list of ones in pots that can get huge. Haden and Edward will also, and I have seen Keitt trees get quite big as well though their habit is usually smaller.

Of those choices you list, how many do you plan on planting?

Fairchild is my favorite from that list there....followed closely by Valencia Pride. You might want to avoid Julie due to the fungus issues.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Congrats on your new Mango trees...cute story about your toddler picking off the leaf flush(kids,ha,ha)although, I'm sure it wasn't too funny to you :o)

I have Glenn and I love it...remember just because a tree can get to 50ft doesn't mean you have no control over its size. I plan on pruning mine every year to maintain a smaller more manageable size. Of course, lately the winter has been doing it for me(no charge). I prefer my trees with a short wide look. Easier to maintain if I need to spray and protect them from the freeze. Easy fruit picking too!

BTW, from what I've read there is so such thing as more cold tolerant mango varieties. Its more about location(micro climate) in your yard and how well you protect it during a freeze. Enjoy and good luck with your trees!
My Glenn...I'm training it to be wider and shorter.

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What nursery did you fin the excel mango I cant find them

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i did some reading looking for "cold hardy mango"
and, right... nothing...
i did get some advise though, was to get a variety that was a vigorous grower, so that if it had damage, it would come back easier...
stronger tree = more cold-hardy (in a way)
I hear the Glen is a strong grower.

there is a guy who is supposedly growing (to sell)
mango bred for colder climates.
i dont thing anyone has actually bought one and confirmed this.
his website says trees are not available till Summer 2015
LINK below...

Here is a link that might be useful: cold hardy mango

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