mangos with unique flavor - help

Comprotutto(Miami Beach)August 15, 2012

Hi my name is David and I just move to Miami. I am in the process of setting up a mini orchard in my backyard and need some help.

So far I have put down 2 mango trees � Glenn and Mallika. I am a foodie and enjoy a very wide variety of flavors from the most simple to the most complex. After reading the forum I sort of regret having purchased the Glenn which appears to produce less than flavorful fruits. But I still have space for 2 more mango trees. Can you guys help me pick them?

I would like at least for one of the two to be a late season one and for both to be different from a taste perspective from Glenn and Mallika to improve variety. I do not have a lot of space but I thought even if I end up getting a Kent I can still keep it at 12 foot high by pruning regularly.

For the late season one I thought to go with either Keitt or Glenn or Neelum. Which one would you recommend? Is Neelum similar in taste to Mallika?

For the fourth one I am undecided between Maha Chanook, Nam Doc Mai and Pickering. But I am open to suggestion. I would like something with a unique flavor. Thanks a bunch

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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

Hi Dave - as this topic has been widely debated and discussed over the years, why not go back to the main page - Tropical Fruit Forum - and go down to the bottom and type in "most flavorful mango" or "best tasting mango" in the little white box and you'll have a bunch of mango topics reveal themselves.

Good luck - mangoperro

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Comprotutto(Miami Beach)

Thanks - new to the forum. Will do

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Really the only way you can be sure, is to try them before you plant them, but like you, I do not have access to many fruit varieties, and have purchased trees on their reputation and description alone.

From those you listed, I think the two trees you could add, are Maha Chanok, because of its reported excellent complex flavor , and the Keitt, for being a really good late mango that is super productive and is generally disease resistant. both these trees are Medium sized and can be kept at a comfortable size.

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