wantoretire_didJune 2, 2005

Just saw our first hummingbird partaking of goodies from our blackeyed Susan vine!!


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Hi Carol,
I also live in Saratoga County, and our little hummers were very late this year. I think they have only been back for a couple of weeks now. Last year they were here on the 1st of May. I put a feeder up at where I work, and they were even later there.

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kareen(z5 NY Renss.Co.)

I saw my first on Wednesday at my Jupiters beard.

Here is a link that might be useful: Our pond and gardens

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

Hummers have been late and the numbers way down all over the northeast this yearMy first siting was 18 days later than last year and the I have only seen two that I am sure of. THis time last year I had hummers buzzing in and out all day. Right now I see two very early just after sunrise and lucky to see one any time during the day. Very disappointing. The ones I have seen have gone straight to the feeders and not paid any attention to the hummer plants that I have in bloom so far....salvia cocinnea 'Lady in Red', Bat-Faced Cuphea, 2 Fuschia Gartenmeister Bonstedt, Salvia Blepharophylla 'Diablo', 4 Salvia Guaranitica 'Black & Blue', Coral Honeysuckle, 2 Coral Bells, Lupines, and Agastache 'Desert Sunrise'.


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I haven't seen many either. I took Penny's advice and put out lots of salvia and a darling agastache, and I'm just getting one pair of hummers, but not on those plants! Someone else in the neighborhood must be using sugar water. Even birds get addicted to sugar it seems.

One hummer did come right up to my window to check out the indoor plants on the windowsill. I got such a close up look at it. How exciting!

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Bessboro(Z4 NY)

We have also noticed a decline in the number of hummingbirds we normally have around our house this year, any idea of what is going on with their population. I suppose it could be the weather or polution. They did arrive here at their normal time though. Also they have not been around the yard all day and evening like normal but that may very well be the unusually hot weather we have been experiencing up here in Essex County.

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Aurore(Zone 4/5 NY)

My monarda is in full bloom and yet no hummers. Usually the monarda is buzzing with them. I have a nest of flycatchers in the yard and the parents patrol the yard from a perch next to the monarda. I'm wondering if they would each fight the other for territory. Hummingbirds are so territorial. I saw the hummers this spring, but none since. We also had a very bad storm(tornado like winds) early this summer.

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I have had hummers since the first week of May. I have 3 of them that feed at my feeder on the kitchen window and no matter when you look out the window, there they are. I usually have the Ruby throated male but have not seen them this year. I have to fill my feeders every 3 days, Iam going to send them to weight watchers. LOL I will say I have many more flowers to attract them this year so maybe that is the reason I am not seeing them a often at the feeders.

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kathpatch(z5 NY)

Our hummers here in Getzville were a little later this year also. But this year we have 2 females and a male. We wouldn't really know the difference in the 2 females except that we saw them together once, fighting over the feeder. One is longer and greener. I don't think either is a young one, since we saw them by the end of May.... The male is the smallest. So far he is the only one I've seen on the beebalm, which is near the feeder. Last year's male loved the beebalm. Wouldn't you love to know if the same bird comes back? I think last year's male had brighter colors.
The level in the feeder really goes down. Hard to tell how much is evaporating in this 90+ heat and how much they are scarfing down! (a lot)

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adirondackgardener(Western Maine)

Planted my first garden this year since moving to the North Country 5 years ago. Saw my first hummingbird today in the garden. Coincidence?

It was feeding on rosa rugosa, which the landlady planted in such a huge amount along our cliff and is threatening to take over the embankment. Seeing the hummer today is making me rethink my intense dislike of the rugosa.

Wayne from the Adks

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The hummers are always around now. They love the bee balm, agastache, petunias, even the tiny fountain lobelia. They fly back and forth between my garden and my container plants, and have gotten so used to me now.

I have yet to see a baby hummingbird flying around. Anyone have a photo? Maybe I'm missing them, thinking they're bees or something.

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