Worm compost tea

RodneyJSAugust 23, 2012

I had a question. I've read that unsulfured molasses is used to feed the growing bacteria. Can I use maple syrup instead? I thought honey might work, except I think honey is antibacterial, which is detrimental.

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It sounds counter-intuitive but....
Anything that has a highly concentrated sugar content is anti-bacterial.
Sugar is diueretic, it dehydrates things. Inculding bacteria. Dilute any sugars that you would use with water.

Honey doesn't go bad, unless it crystalizes heavily. It leaves water behind to dilute the remaining sugars so bacteria can grow. So if you don't want your honey go bad, heat it to melt crystals occassionally. It doesn't hurt the honey, as long as you heat within reason.

Does honey have any more anti-bacterial qualities?, not that I know of, but what do I know.

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Thanks. I have an old bottle of corn syrup that I think I'm going to use

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