im new to gardening

Labyrinth00April 14, 2012

Hi to all, i am new to this gardening. i got some tomatoes from the nursery and planted them and it seems like something isnt going right and some of the leaves to the bottom are dying, please take a look at the link below to see the photos and advise me :(


Here is a link that might be useful: Leaf Photos

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looks like leaf miners.

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Step 1
Practice appropriate tomato care, as healthy tomato plants are less likely to be susceptible to diseases and pests. Rotate your crops, since repeatedly growing tomatoes in the same area can attract leafminers. Remove old tomato plants immediately. Avoid killing wasps in your garden, as several wasp species are natural predators of the tomato leafminer.

Step 2
Spray down your tomato plants with a standard insecticidal soap, available from all garden stores and nurseries. Alternatively, make your own by mixing a quart of water with 2 tbsps. of liquid dish soap. Insecticidal soaps are sufficient for light infestations, and are typically gentler than using chemical-based insecticides.

Step 3
Mist a commercially prepared insecticide intended for garden use onto your affected tomato plants if you have a heavy leafminer infestation. For best results, use an insecticide made with abamectin or cyromazine, to which leafminers are susceptible. Spray evenly on all exposed tomato vegetation according to the label's guidelines, as toxicity varies widely by brand.

Step 4
Apply a spinosad-based spray, many of which are organic. Such sprays are ideal for those who want something more powerful than an insecticidal soap but don't want to apply chemical insecticides. Spinosad is a type of bacterium that's toxic to tomato leafminers but won't harm beneficial insects like lady beetles. Follow the spinosad spray's label, as bacterium concentrations vary by product.

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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)

Terrybull: I think you mean to choose one of the second, third or fourth steps, not to take all your steps? I've never had leaf minors, but I have had other pests that any one of those last three steps would have eliminated. I particularly like spinosad, which seems gentle on the plants but deadly for most leaf sucking and chewing insects. Be sure not to apply any insecticide in full sun. I do mine in early evening.

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thank you for the replies, i will try your it possible for the plant to recover at this point? alot of the leaf look like the photos except the new one forming at the top. this is the first time anything has been planted in that garden bed.

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