WANTED: Have: Part two of Fort Worth Autumn Swap

rebecca150October 19, 2007

Hope you all don't mind that it is me starting a new thread.

The other one has reached its maximum limit!


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My have to trade list..

New Stuff
4 flower wall plaques
5 10 oz packs of Peters all purpose plant food 20-20-20
6 Dollar General Brand sets of hand tools-shovel and rake
3 Dollar General Brands sets of childrens garden tools
4 6 count packs of decksaver brand pot toes

Books (not new)
Success with houseplants (one of those card of the month)
Readers Digest Illustrated guide to gardening
Painting cottages, houses and towns on rocks!
Sustaining the earth textbook thingy
Ortho's All about trees.

Two stacking plastic sterlite bins. Gallon sizish-not sure.
Clean nursery pots, I gots about nine or so.

Now, I also have some household stuff that I was going to sell in a yard sell. Yard sale! Ha! Who was I kidding? I have about as much time for that as I do picking belly button lint out of the general populations navels. So I'm bringing some of the good stuff with me.

I think that is good for now.

Woo hoo. I did this post and was only tackled once by a toddler! Yeah me.

You should see my living room though.

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Hey Rebecca, sorry to hear you've been "quarantined"!
I bet that got old in a hurry.

I'd love to have a roughleaf dogwood.

The Comfrey is the only thing I have with your name on it;
Please let me know what else I might set aside for you.

things I'm bringing that aren't already spoken for:

blue mistflower
artemesia Oriental Limelight
Christmas Cactus, pink
lemon mint
soapwort cuttings
Lucky Lemon lantana
lamb's ears
Mother of Millions (succulent, outside in shade in summer, inside in winter)
Kolanchoe (same, only it blooms, I think this is the red-orange variety)

& I can always get cuttings for Wandering Jew, purple, green (I think), & green with purple edge, also chocolate mint, peppermint, lemon mint.

I just learned that the vine I couldn't identify is Coral Vine, a perennial, & I know I have one, may have 2.

These things are *gorgeous*.

Mildred (who may be coming to the swap; if she can make it, she may bring salsa to trade!) has one on the south wall of her house, & it *covers* the whole wall in beautiful rich pink flowers.

Maybe it's the Texas equivalent of bouganvilla (sp?), like larkspur is our version of delphinium & vitex is our version of lilac.

Didn't someone bring homemade soap to one of the swaps?

I just realized that I've just used the last of mine, & I'd really like to trade for some more!

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catlunatic(z8a TX)


I would love one of the coral vines. I have been checking local nursery's trying to find one. Is there anything I can bring you?


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Sylvia, soapwort would be soooo cool! A kolanche sounds pretty groovy too. The artemesia limelight, I looked it up, it is GORGEOUS. Those are my hopefully flattering hints!

Now for a disclamer. No one needs run out to their yard *last minute* in a digging frenzy BUT here are some things that sound interesting to me....

Anything tropical-I'd be interested in trying some tropical things.
Fairy garden- I have started a fairy garden and would like some interesting plants for it. Little looking things like sedums and hens and chicks etc
Vines- I have a blank fence. Can't have that now can we?
Cashmere boquet-An actual specific:-) Oh-my-goodness this plant smells heavenly. Anybody have this plant?
Coleus-I think these things are cool! I'm thinking of starting a collection.

Now mind you, I'm not trying to exclude anything here! This is just what's running through my head at the moment!!!

Oh and Mommyfox....I have a pot but am not sure it's quite right for your bulbs but I will bring it to show you.


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I hope this isn't going to be a double post but I didn't see my previous post show up!

Sylvia I would really like a blue mist plant to add to my butterfly garden! and lemon mint? haven't heard of that but would love it.

We have a least a dozen redbuds we'll be bringing so should be enough for all who want them. And yes, 2 or three black taros.


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Marti8a, if I catch you before you go outside to dig, I would like a vitex and dogwood. Will arrange somthing nice!

catlunatic, I'd like to trade for a chinese pistache tree.

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Rebecca, I only got one dogwood, but will get you a vitex.

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weldontx(z 8a TX)

Rebecca, I'd like the Peters 20,20,20. I have roses that will COVER your bald fence.

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weldontx(z 8a TX)

SHERMAN!! forgot that you had pomegranite. Would love to have one if any are left. Anyone with gal. or 1/2 gal or 6 inch pots??? I need some.

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I have a neighbor who wants to come. She has mist flower, yellow cannas, and more. We're about to go over to her house & see what we can dig up.

Is it too late for her to join in?

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I'll bring you a pomegranate in return for your 3 gallon pots.


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never too late, bring her on!

Hope, if you have extra cat's whiskers, I'd like to try that plant.

Weldon, I'll bring you some 6" & half gallon pots, don't know how many.

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catlunatic(z8a TX)


On the cat's whisker would you like white or lavender?

Let's see, I have stuff for:
debbiedo-candlestick tree and flame acanthus and cat's whisker.
dirtmomma-candlestick tree
barefoot tx-candlestick tree
mike+barb-flame acanthus
rebeccal-chinese pistache tree
sshuang-chinese pistache tree
Iam also bringing a heavy duty rubber apron that would be good for protecting clothes if doing some messy stuff like painting or such.
I have lots of black nursery pots in various size's. Just like my father before me I have trouble throwing things away.


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weldontx(z 8a TX)

Hope, if you get a chance to see this, I'd be interested in a chinese pistache and Pots, and pots and pots.

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Hope, do you have any flame acanthus left? I'd like to have one if you do.

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debbiedo7(zone 8 Texas)

I'd like both colors of cat whiskers if you have enough, if not then I would like the lavender.
Oh I just looked up the chinese pistache tree, if you have anymore I'd really like one - what color

Well back to the oven, I have another banana bread & Sylvias brownies .... now ya'll know she would just expire without her chocolate

See ya'll in the morning

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I just figured out you can only post so many times to the same thread with the same subject line......

Then the message boards start rejecting messages

Duh. I couldn't figure out why my posts were not going through.

I'll be there in the morning with my "stuff" and will be happy to take all offers!

Sleep sweet my garden friends. And wish me a "lost-less" trip!

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Hope, white if you have enough, but I love both colors!

Debbie, yes, ma'am, I would expire without my chocolate...
I'm feeling vaporish just thinking about it!

Rebecca, it's eeeasy;
just take the first turn north of I-30 into Trinity Park.

see you all there!

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winddancing(7 Tx)

Just a quick note I loved meeting all of ya'll was a very nice way to spend a afternoon.

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I wanted to come :-( no one wanted to come with me and i'm scared to drive all that way from McKinney by my lonesome. maybe next year. hope you all had fun.

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It was purty good, wasn't it?

lots of new faces among the, uh, well, lots of new faces anyway!

seems like we're expanding our expertise, too:

I noticed lots more tropical & exotic plants, pond plants, unusual plants.

Thanks to all for a wonderful swap!

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txtearose(z7/8 Cen TX)

Well to say the least, the trip from Hilltop Lakes (near Bryan/College Station) was well worth it! It's been a long while since I met so many nice people in one day. I loved meeting everyone....thanks for arranging it and thanks to all who came. Faye

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I didn't know you came that far Faye; you should have gotten a prize just for that!

I enjoyed meeting everyone too. Tessa, I didn't want to drive it either, but everyone bailed on me & then dh told me to take the wrong exit & I drove up & down Forest Park until I finally found a way over.

Oh & I posted pics in the Gallery.

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mikeandbarb(z8 D/FW)

It was great fun everyone. Sylvia there was a lot of new faces and I enjoyed meeting everyone. Kristi wasn't able to make because she's got a lot of projects going on and I surely missed her not being there.
Weldon Thank you for the roses and I'm really glad to know I can grow them outside in pots, this will make it much easier on me.

Sylvia Thank you very much for the irises.

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kay75052(z8, TX, DFW)

As usually it was great. Really wonderful weather we had, great food, and excellent company. Thank you, Sylvia for setting this up. It was really nice meeting everyone and thank you for sharing all your wonderful plants.

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Did everyone get your stuff planted? I didn't & dh just informed me the weather is going to be really bad tomorrow morning.

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not all planted, but at least all in bigger pots & surrounded by cardboard sleeves!

Bobbie says that plants in pots should be fine as long as they're protected, but if you use trash bags, be sure to remove them first thing in the morning.

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barefoot_in_texas(Texas Z8)

Gosh that was fun. Really enjoyed it. It was a wonderful day and everyone was so generous with plants, advice, etc. Thank you one and all.

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debbiedo7(zone 8 Texas)

Here are the pictures that my Grand daughter & I took.
I had a great time as always & look forward to Spring

Yes as you can see we HAD to take the train ride

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debbiedo7(zone 8 Texas)

I meant to post these pictures in the Gallery forum.
Oh well I guess ya don't have to go look for them

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mikeandbarb(z8 D/FW)

Great pictures Debbie.

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looks like you all had a great time! whens the next one? I gotta go even if i have to go myself! oooooohhh, i'm drooling over that beautiful plumeria!

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Well I don't think I have had that much fun since I was a teenager! LOL!

I am just in love with all my new plants. And as if I didn't bring home enough, my next door neighbor saw all my new plants and decided to gift me with some irises and honeysuckle:-) She wants to come to the spring swap. I think I may be able to get her addicted to gardenweb. I also have a friend that brought me a lilac and a turks cap and he seemed highly interested in all my loot.

I haven't gotten everything planted yet. The toddler is making it hard to get things done this week! I just moved a bakers rack to the front of an east facing window so that takes care of the houseplants and everything else is in a protected staging area until it gets planted. Oh I am going to have too much fun.

I had a great time and it was so wonderful to meet so many nice generous people. I have never felt so comfortable amongst strangers!

Debbie, is it okay if I steal the above pics for my blog?

Oh and Marti8A, I think it was you that gave me a goldfish plant and then the old rose.....It bloomed the day after I brought it home and it is GORGEOUS! The prettiest girliest shade of pink I have ever seen and it smells delicious. My girls are really going to enjoy picking roses all next year.

Julie, the boxwood shrub is a hit in my house. Everybody loves how it looks like a little miniature tree.

Okay, I have to shut up now. My son is getting into EVERYTHING!


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debbiedo7(zone 8 Texas)

You are more than welcome to use the pictures in your blog.
These pictures are all of ours

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