Check your shoes!!

matt_v(Z5 central NY)June 25, 2005

Greetings! Just now, I popped on my Muckboots (Garden shoes) to run some recycles out to the bin. My insteps were askew, so in a rush, I pulled them out and put my feet right in. I felt a lump against the top of my foot, but paid no attention. Then, I began to wonder...did my shoes melt? It was SO HOT today, could my beloved Muckboots have shrivelled???

I decided to investigate the lump once my chores were done. I pulled off my shoe and probed...IT MOVED!!!!!!!!!!! My shoes didn't melt, they were occupied by another life form!! It turns out a GRAY TREEFROG took up residence in my Muckboot. I luckily didn't hurt the little fellow, I would have hated to have squished him with barefeet... Lucky too is that I store my boots UPSIDE DOWN! I guess he needed a bit of shelter, but I bet he got broiled in them today..? I put him in my pond, he swam off showing me the diagnostic yellow insides of his legs.


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von1(z4 NY)

Thats a good one. I thought it was going to be a slug! The thought has crossed my mind before, but I always just shove my feet into them also..
Glad you didn't squash the little guy.

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erinluchsinger(z4 - Upstate NY)

I keep a pair of rubberboots in the office at our beef farm. Everytime I put them on, I make sure to flip them over and shake them out. I have always envisioned mice crawling up my legs. Freaks me out. So, everytime I put them on, they get a good shake out!
It's amazing that you didn't smush the little guy. I don't like surprises like that!

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missmshell(z4 Carthage,NY)

Habitual lurker here. After living in Florida for 20 years I check all my shoes, even if they were in the house. We had a lady in the area put on shoes and a widow spider was in one and bit her toe!! I am terrified of spiders so it's a habit for me now.

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Turtle_Haven_Farm(Z5 NY)

Bet Mr. Froggie was a bit surprised to find his new home suddenly inhabited by five pink wiggly worms LOL!!!! I always bang my shoes/boots outside. Deathly afraid of sharing a shoe with a pidey!!! - Ellen

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