where are the bees??????????

mrconranJune 26, 2008

Anyone else noticed the lack of honey bees? I live in Gouverneur NY and I have been looking for them all spring. I have seen a few bumble bees but not a single honey bee. I know we are having a problem nation wide but this is really really bad. I talked to our local ag inspector about it and he agrees there is a really severe shortage of bees. I know our Fed Gov is at work doing studies about the problem. I fear dire troubles ahead. Is there going to be food for out future with out bees?

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gottagarden(z5 western NY)

I have gobs of bumblebees and smaller bees, but very few honeybees. I have had them the last few years, but they seem to be off to a slow start this year. I agree its ominous. . . .

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We are very thankful as there are still plenty of honeybees, bumblebees and other assorted bees around us. We are in Schoharie County, up in the hills. The butterflies are finally going this year and we have seen lots of swallowtails. Only 1-2 monarchs though, but it's still a bit early for them.

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I'm in the Schenectady county and I have quite a few bees in my backyard. Mostly bumblebees but still...I'm planting as many bee-alluring flowers as possible as this was recommended to help stop the bee shortage.

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rini(Rochester, NY)

I'm in Wayne County. For the first time that I've lived in my house, we actually have a natural honeybee "hive" in my garden. I'm not quite sure where they came from but they first swarmed my clematis(!) and are not living in one of my apple trees.

I also significantly increased the bee friendly flowers in my gardens. I'm wondering if that helped (or if it's just a fluke).


Here is a link that might be useful: Williamson Garden Club

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fleethart(z6 WNY)

Here in Niagara county, I have also noticed a shortage of bees. We have 6 acres of apples and many of them did not set fruit. Lots of blossoms, but most of them withered away without fruiting. Scary...

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presmudjo(z9 Osceola FL)

I talked to a bee keeper here in Florida and he mentioned that they are looking into engineered corn as a culprit in the collapse of the honey bees. Seems something in that corn may be killing them. He said it is being kept quiet during research as you can guess why. Maybe the word engineered isn't the correct term, but new corn to produce better, hardier crops.

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Well, its finally hit here. My garden is usually swarming with bees. I don't seem to have ANY bees this year. It's very disturbing. I wonder if it is more a function of the snowing winter and wet spring. I never had a problem with lack of bees before.

I'm in Skaneateles, NY. (central, NY)

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In our garden and community garden I have seen a few native bees but no honey bees. I figured it was Buffalos long winter and even longer wet spring that killed off most of the bees. Then poof a few weeks ago they started to show up and are now making regular appearances.

One thing I noticed though, if this makes any sense, is the honey bees are larger than what I am used to seeing and they appear older? But maybe I am just going nuts.

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I've started to get a few more bees, but nothing like the buzz buzz buzz I used to get in the mornings

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Well this weekend, the garden was humming! I guess the bees are late just like everything else in the garden. Glad the bees are back.

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

I am in Niagara County and there should be bees all over my plants by now. I have very few bumble bees nor honey bees and I do have grow lots of plants that they naturally pollinate. This isn't just a local phenomenon. In fact I posted the same subject on my hummer forum with regards to bees and butterflies and most all our members from around the country said the same thing. The honey bees and butterlies are way way down this year.


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