HAVE: Mercer plant swap

beachplant(9b)October 5, 2010

Wants: fig tree/cuttings

Have: will post later.

Tally HO!

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Talley, I wish I could be there. I'd love to meet you and come visit and see your yard. I hope you have a great swap. Cheryl

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jardineratx(zone 8, Texas)

Glad to see some activity on this post! I can dig up:
Lycoris Radiata (spider lily)
White butterfly ginger
Dr. Moy Ginger
Peacock Ginger
Spiral Ginger
Red Firespike
Have potted:
two Pam Puryear Turk's Cap(4"container)
two Duranta (golden dewdrops) seedlings(4"container)
one Caranation of India (6" container)
4", 6" and 1 gallon nursery pots
I am looking for any fruiting trees, especially fruiting pomegranate tree and a rooted fig tree

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I can bring a few fig cuttings,firecracker crepes, I dont know what else Allen

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Hi all, here is what I have:

-Crepe myrtles volunteer, pink
-Angel trumpet gold
-Lotus seedling pink,white,red
-Umbrella palm water plant
-Spider plants
-Ground cover
-Ornamental peppers
-Rice plants

-Lemon grass
-Rau ram herb
-Water spinach
-Longan fruit seedling

I can bring cuttings if requested for these plants:
-Passion vine red
-Dutman's pipe vine
-Gourmet popcorn rose
-Don juan rose
-Belinda dream rose
-Montezuma rose
-Ambassador rose
-Blue girl rose
-Proudland rose
-Gold glow rose

jardineratx, I'd love to have one of each gingers except for butterfly. I can bring you Longan and Jackfruit seedlings. Let me know if you want anything else on my list. Thanks


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jardineratx(zone 8, Texas)

Tia, I'll be happy to take you the gingers. I've sent you an email.

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I have been looking for rau ram for the past year! Let me know what you would like to trade - you can check my trade list. I also would like to try a lotus. Would you be interested in an Alocasia? - I have Hilo Beauty and Illustris, also another pretty variegated one - I'm not sure of the name.

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terroir(zone 8)

Ive never been to a plant swap before, but Im exited about this one... Is there anything I need to know before I go?

Ive got three 1 gallon flame acanthus and a couple trailing white lantana. Is anyone interested in these?

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Molly, sorry I didnt receive your email. I just updated my page so other member can email me. Please send again or post here. Thank you.

Daisytx, I'll bring you rau ram and lotus. You have a lot of interesting plants. Is Fallax a under water plant? If so, I want 1 and also the Yellow bauhinia. Let me know if anything else I can get you. Thanks


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Tia, I can bring both for you - yes fallax prefers wet areas

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Molly, I'd like some spider lilies (lycoris)
Tia, angel trumpet,rice plant, longan fruit seedling
Terroir, a white lantana and WELCOME!

So far I have dug & potted up:
Sanseveria Masonia (one)
Sans. noid
Hoya-I'll look up the name, small long leaves, moderate bloomer
Aloe pink blush (2 small pups)
Aloe noid-great coloring in full sun, heavy bloomer
Crinums: C. americanum-small, heavy bloomer, fragrant, spidery white/pink flowers, Boussant (spelling?) dark pink blooms, several noids
Hawthoria, asst. species, pups
Pregnant onion pups
Amaryllis-San Antonio-orange blooms
Oputania-very large pads, heavy bloomer noid
Canna-bengal tiger, banana
Agave, giant blue
Cereus cuttings-large columnar cactus, heavy bloomer, fragrant, open at night.
Dutchman pipe vines, small flowers, ?native? host plant
I'll be digging more today & will post later!!
Tally HO!

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jardineratx(zone 8, Texas)

Tally, I've got you for the lycoris. I would love a start of the orange amaryllis if you have enough.

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I am going to try to post my list of Haves and my wish list, but I need to apologize first. I have not had the time to prepare for this the way I would like. Most anything I bring will be just dug up and not nicely potted. Also I do not know the correct names for most of the plants I have or even the things I want.
If anyone would like, I can bring:

Holly bushes

Small green shrub �" maybe dwarf Yaupon

Orange Day Lilies

White Lilies

Purple Iris

Purslane multicolor �" these are in pots but were just dug up a week
ago. Still experiencing some shock.

Chocolate Plant - Pseuderanthemum alatum

Root Beer Plant, Hoja Santa, Mexican Pepperleaf Piper auritum �" These are just a few tiny volunteers coming up

Aloe Vera

Packaged seed from Wildflower Festival in 2009 �" Forget-Me-Not, Sunflower, Zinnia, Black Eyed Susans and Tomato Ace 55vf

Can bring leaves from African Violets if anyone wants to try rooting them.

I have one houseplant. The tag says it's a Dieffenbachie Exotica. Nice plant but is not doing well with the neglect I give.

Wish List:

Cardinal Plant
Pink Jasmine
Party Time or any Begonias
Turks Cap (smaller variety)
Shade plants
Moss Rose
Oncore Azaleas
Knock Out Roses
Any Christmas Cactus
Crown of Thorns

Thanks everyone,

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Daisy, thank you.

Tally, you got them. I'd like to have your crinum, Pregnant onion pups and Canna-bengal tiger. Thank you.


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Molly or anyone else who has the White Spider Lilies !!!!
Please contact me by e mail: tymzaflyin@yahoo.com
I have Red Spider lilies to trade.
Sorry, I cannot be at the Swap Meet. However, I will be in the Houston area the first of November.

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C. Miller,

I may have some white Spider Lilies. I won't know till Friday. We moved this year. My daughter is living in our old house, but she is not a plant person. The beds have not gotten watered much and are totally overgrown. I am digging out things when I am there. I know some Spider lilies made it, but am bringing them here. I will check to see if there are more.


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I wish I could go, maybe next year. I will be able to finally go to Galveston in January. It will be my first time. I owe Tally plants, I promised to her, when she lost hers due to Ike. I lost all the plants I started for her, when I got my new greenhouse and fried them. As, well as all the new tropical plants I bought from Puerto Rico, It was very sad. I did not realize how hot it gets in a greenhouse. I think Kristy made the same mistake when she got hers. If I do not loose my plants again this December, I will try and make my promise to Tally come true. My husband goes down every January to a meeting in Galveston, this will be the first time, I will be able to go, now that I am retired. Barbra,

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Bulbs will be fresh dug White hedychium (butterfly ginger) Cinnabar hedychium (butterfly ginger) Pink Hawaiian hedychium (butterfly ginger) Large leaf curcuma (hidden ginger) Zingiber zerumbet (pinecone ginger) crocossia orange Japanese crested iris nada crinum Summer Nocturne? light pink Amorphophallus Voodoo lily dark purple bloom kind unknown but hardy here crinum burgundy beauty small bulbs seedling of crinum this one has a dull green leaf blooms 3 or 4 times with fragrant pink flowers in early to mid spring lily of Peru(alstroemeria psittacina) bowlia sea onion 1" a round Ornamental Yam dioscorea discolor discolor fresh dug plants: Giant liriope Clerodendrum bungei wedelia sword fern southern wood fern moncho fern violet trumpet http://www.floridata.com/ref/c/clyt_cal.cfm golden rain trees koelreuteria paniculata)some are 3" others about 1' native purple violet root beer piper auritum Mexican petunia tall pink and purple Mexican petunia trailing purple walking iris(neomarica gracilis) houytina spider wort plants pots texas star hibiscus hibiscus Mahoe variegated hydrangea agave golden rain trees (koelreuteria paniculata) about 1' tall seeds: lilium regale yellow hibiscus Salvia coccinea cyrpess vine GLOBBA SCHOMBURGKII "Yellow Dancing Girl" bird house gourds toung oil tree if not some seeds a few 1 gallon pots large leaf It basil september rose hibiscus http://www.onalee.com/catalog.php/onaleeisrael/dt66024/pd1741870/October_Rose_Monarch_Rose_Mallow__Ruby_Hibiscus_H._Radiatus_Hibiscus_Seeds Pepper seeds: tricolor-variegata-hot-peppers and purple largo golden rain trees koelreuteria paniculata cone flower Cuttings: the costus ginger are stem cuttings: COSTUS BARBATUS ps 7' blooms deep red cone w/ lg yellow flowers COSTUS PATTERN STEM ps 6-7' blooms yellow orange w/dark veins COSTUS SCABER ps 6' red bracts w/yellow inflorescences long lasting COSTUS SPECIOSUS "RED" s-ps 7' blooms red cone w/white crepe sweet olive verigate datura ficus: tragulata banana leaf angle trumpet brug white and yellow heart shape leave hoya verigate red hibiscus Peach El Capitolio Sport hibiscus star fish catus large ,red vied smells bad but the blooms are 6" across star fish catus small red flower ox toung (un rooted plants) lemon catus power puff tree dwarf white day bloomer Epiphyllum Epiphyllum rose queen Epiphyllum large yellow bloom Epiphyllum very large redish purple night bloomer Epiphyllum brazilian red cloak(megaskepasmaerthrochlamys) butterfly Clerodendrum, butterfly vine with the yellow flowers and dried seed pods look like butterfly, smoke tree red cascade rose mutablis rose firecracker plant variegated hydrangea monstera swish cheese ivy heartleaf philo 3 different rubber trees 4 different ficus , red on red bleeding heart, 3 different schefflera veriagated red hibscus

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Do you have a want list or am I just missing it?


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jardineratx(zone 8, Texas)

Karen, I can take you a young (4" pot) of Pam Puryear Turk's cap. It's pink, blooms all summer/fall and is not terribly large. If you have enough chocolate plant, I would love a start of it.

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Molly, That sounds wonderful. I do have one I can bring. I have not tried digging them up, but will try putting some in pots tomorrow. Hopefully they transplant well.

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jjayt(9 tx)

Hey guys,
Sorry this is so late, but I had to clear a day off.
I haven't been to a swap in about 3 years and am real excited to see old friend and meet new.
I have more crafts than plants. I have photos of the crafts in the album "Jeanette Swap Crafts" on the plantmeet group site. A few of the "old timer" might remember them at past swaps.
As far as plants go I have:
2 baby oak trees
Fig cuttings (brown turkey and Celeste)
What I'm looking for:
Edible trees and scrubs - persimmon, pawpaw, and Barbados cherry for example.
Also I am bringing 2 door prizes and a treat and aluminum foil.
Tia- I would love to trade for your jackfruit and logan fruit seedlings
Tally- Let me know if you would like some fig cuttings

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jjayt(9 tx)

How silly of me.
I mention crafts in the post above and dont write about them.
3 large mosaic paving stone ( Hope, Flowers, and an Abstarct) 8x14
4 small mosaic paving stones (all abstract) 4x8
4 birdhouse with license plate roofs
3 can birdhouses
2 small birdhouses
9 ladybug garden art
4 glass bird feeders
I have put pictures of the on Snapfish. The lick is:

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Noreen, I'd like the megaskepasmaerthrochlamys and Salvia coccinea. Please let me know what I can bring for you. Thank you.

Jeanette, jack fruit and longan fruit trees are yours. Can I have the 3 large mosaic paving stone ( Hope, Flowers, and an Abstarct) 8x14. I also have some edible plant/shrub as: lemon grass, water crest, Water spinach... Let me know if you want some. Thanks


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Is anyone interested in crafts for plants trades?
I can make stamped coasters - any themes
hand made cards, gift tags, etc.
I have several hundred stamp sets, so I have just about any theme you can imagine....
I have brought the cards to the swaps before and people asked for more...
I can email or post samples if interested.. please email me at carousel@plantmeet.com

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jjayt(9 tx)

Tia, I just found out the logan fruit is very weather sensitive. So how about the jack friut for a paving stone. Just let me know which one you want.

Tally I will bring you some fig cuttings too

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Jeanette. jackfruit it is. I'll take the "hope" stone. Thanks

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I'll take any fig cuttings, they are for a friend, I HATE figs

Tally HO!

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jardineratx(zone 8, Texas)

Daisytx, do you have a hilo beauty that I can trade for?

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Finally got my act together and made my list.

1 Variegated schefflera
2 purple fascination vitex
9 russelia (red firecracker)
1 ageratum (blue mist flower)

Will dig if wanted:
Red canna
Indigofera kirilowii
Turnera alternifolia (yellow buttercup)
2 hydrangea endless summer

Cuttings if wanted:
Indigo spires salvia

For trade only:
1 potted dragonfruit
Cassia alata (candlestick plant) seedlings

Confederate rose
Turks cap-red, white or variegated
Candy corn vine
Salvia uliginosa (bog sage)
Spigelia marilandica (Indian pink)
Dichorisandra (blue ginger)
Eranthemum pulchellum (blue sage)
Quadrangularis passionvine

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terroir(zone 8)

does anyone have oakleaf hydrangea?

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jardineratx(zone 8, Texas)

I have the following trades arranged for tomorrow. Please let me know if I have left anyone out.
Tally - Lycoris for San Antonio amaryllis
Tia - Gingers (except white butterfly) for some lemon grass, ornamental peppers and cuttings of passion vine.
Jeanette - peacock ginger for Celeste fig cuttings
Karen - Pink turks cap for chocolate plant
Terrior - white butterfly ginger and white salvia greggii seeds forbronze fennel
Noreen - Duranta for fig cuttings


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jjayt(9 tx)

Hi All,
I have the follow trades for tomorrow
Molly- peacock ginger for fig cuttings
Noreen- a surprise for a lady bug
Donna- dragon fruit for a lady bug
Tally- fig cuttings
Tia- jackfruit for the Hope paving stone
Trish- stepping stone and windchime for a lady bug and glass feeder
Let me know if I missed anyone.

I still have to trade:
3 glass bird feeders
6 yard art lady bugs
5 assorted bird houses
2 large mosaic stepping stones (flowers and abstract)
4 small mosaic stepping stones
black taro
fig cuttings (celeste and Brown Turkey)

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For those that I have arranged trades with or am bringing something for, I probably will not be able to get to the swap till @10:45. I hope it will be earlier, but it doesn't usually happen.
When I do get there, I will be wearing light blue denim capris and a t-shirt with a scarecrow & pumpkins on it.

Thanks a bunch to Jennifer and everyone.

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Just wanted to thank everyone for all the work that went into the swap, for all the plants, bulbs and cuttings I brought home and for the wonderful door prizes. It was a great day.

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Thanks to everyone for another great trade! We spent yesterday putting in plants and cuttings. Tonight I'll get all the gingers planted, white butterfly & elata from Noreen, dancing girl from David, peach butterfy from Molly and one I forget from Jennifer, tomorrow I'll plant the crinums-Molly, the lady with the big trash bag full of them and the orphan pile provided the crinums. I ate waaaayyyyy to many cookies :)
Tally HO!

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